Kenya would be at 99% were it not for the KPLC monopoly and massive looting.

Kwa hivyo kina @magreb kule Uganda hukuwa kwa darkness 71% of the time? Lakini I’d like to travel to places like DRC and Burundi to experience this simple lifestyle. I grew up when electricity was still a luxury, ku-doze by 8pm juu hamna form. I guess that’s how life still is huko.

[SIZE=5]As Gaddafi proposed, all African countries should unite as a whole to form the United States of Africa.[/SIZE]

Kenya sihami.

Uhami kenya na unapayukapayuka kuhusu Bidenstan

Kenya cannot be 85%

East African Community imetulemea United States of Africa ndio tutaweza. Kwingine kama Nigeria can’t form a stable unified country wako in the brink of a civil war and headed for secession mnasema apa African unity.

If you add up grid and non grid connections (solar) inafika.

kama si corruption KPLC tungekuwa 1st world country . Keter the kalenjin thief has happily looted KPLC for 10 years and frustrated investors

Hio ya Libya I doubt, the country has been at war for about 10 years even Ethiopia’s figures seem inflated

Egypt naelewa. You basically just need one main line of power going north south. Zingine xote ni kuangusha laini next to river nile

In south sudan inaonekana bonobos hawajadiscover stima.

What a wayward idea.
Can you imagine Kieleweke fighting ANC for power control.

[SIZE=5]You are a pessimistic giraffe.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]No one would have to ‘fight’ their opponent for power control, takataka. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Campaigns will be held in a civilized fashion with strict guidelines which must be adhered to. Upon engaging in corruption. incitement or any upuzi, the culprits will be charged with treason and choose between 100 years in prison or the electric chair[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Presidential candidates would have to be thoroughly vetted and the voting process carried out by an independent and transparent commission.[/SIZE]



Grid connectivity is about 50%, the remainder is a misclassification of solar powered bulbs as off-grid electricity. The data is simply misleading.

You are making my day… :):):slight_smile:

Uhuru amefanya kazi buana. 2013 access was at 35% na sasa ni 85%.