Africa Will Remain Poor For The next 10,000 Years Due To Greed

Politicians in African countries get into public office with the notion of doing business with the government and at the same time earn salary from the same employer. In developed nations some public officers are simply volunteers.

Africa’s richest woman is Angolan who enriched herself from stealing public money. The same case is replicated all over Africa. Money stolen from Africa and taken overseas is in the tune of Billions of USD, if it were to be returned it would greatly improve the livelihoods of millions of poor citizens, Lakini Negroes ni nani? Just Wild Fauna

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You just an ignorant African that believes in greed being a factor of under development and poverty in Africa.
If you so intrested in the subject, why not do some reading and subsequently research on development impeeding factors other than using this forum as some sort of personal shrink?

And some kenyans still want to go middle East in 2020 i heard okuyu scam agents on radio exporting bonobos. greed is in everybody head in different ways

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Tumesoma vitabu mpaka tukachoka. Read highly cited scholarly research tukachoka. If you want to blame wazungus or outside forces for our underdevelopment, I’m afraid you just another low IQ bonobo.