Africa should be recolonized-The solution to europe immigration crisis


Soon and time will tell, we are the ones who are going to colonise them.

That’s a childish take that deserves the highest form of contempt possible.

@Ndindu unaonaje?

Naona tuongee n Japana na South Korea tuwapatie Management Lease ya 499 Years wachukue Serikali ya Kenya. Sisi Kenyans tuwe tunalipwa kila mwezi. In the course of that 499 years Negro Watamea akili.


I have some dirty knickers that need a wash?
inama uoshe nugu!

Am gonna arm myself, this won’t happen here on my watch. I want to live in a shithole of my choice.

Is he David Ndii or Gagagathi of UK?

They invaded others lands and prospered but cry fowl when its their turn for invasion :D:D:D