Africa’s largest mobile money service is now under full African ownership—for the first time

M-Pesa, the East African mobile money service, is now fully owned by two of Africa’s largest telecoms companies. Kenya’s Safaricom and South Africa’s Vodacom have acquired the stake of UK telecoms operator Vodafone, a long-time stakeholder in the service since it was first launched in 2007 even though the service has been mostly associated with Kenya.

Vodafone owns 64.5%, of Vodacom and 40% of safaricom :D:D:D

Bonobos fully incharge, it’s all downhill from here.

Are we still Bonobos Ndindu? You seem to be happy about this news

You are the one who brought the word Bonobo here and it caught fire

Was it not Guka ?

I am not sure. I stand corrected, but he is the one who uses it the most.

Basically ni in-house trading inaendelea. Vodacom is Vodafone subsidiary in Africa…:smiley:

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This is good for Afrika.After hii Corona watu watabadilisha culture


It’s me who started

:D:D:D:D 2 separate companies. Kwani wewe ni high school dropout?

Vodafone has shares(60) in Vodacom while Vodacom has shares(40.5) in Safaricom

Comprehension ni ngumu

Wholly African has trouble keeping to the straight & narrow path all on it’s lonesome self…look at Barclays, now absa - them new African bonobo owners had to go to town with their new-found freedom, moonlighting with money laundering barely months into proprietorship.

Africa has been under the full ownership of Africans for decades now, How is that working out for you!? Unless wewe ni exec ama shareholder ni same old shit…

How does it help you? It is owned by Safaricom, Safaricom is owned by foreign owners of Capital