AFRICA RISING: MADE IN KENYA Passenger Drone Testing With Payload

Version 2 Testing the Air-frame with 50 Kg payload

Now we are talking, trying to upgrade our Jungle OS to City OS

upuss …copied from youtube

first passenger drone kwa watu hawaja conquer ignorance na poverty na disease si ni kama ile palace complex ya Mobutu Sese Seko? Ni mzuri, lakini inasaidia nni? inasolve shida gani kwa society?

This thread is actually celebrating mediocrity and giving the young mushy brained fellows false hopes

Wacheni Maroho. Even China developed through copying existing technologies and improving them. There is no need to start from scratch

Rubbish! What have you successfully copied from YouTube yourself? Ghaseer.

they started with the basics. chini

Let’s celebrate small wins. This is good

Wivu itawamalisa.

No they didn’t. They used to import stuff from Japan, Europe and the USA and strip it down then make exact replicas. Case in point is FAW motors, they stole ISUZU technology. That is what we should do.

much like celebrating mediocrity

Low IQ logic

Hapana. World over, guys are testing flying cars. The concepts range from actual cars to manned drones. Uber is expected to launch its first models in Dubai. It’s good that tumejoin hiyo race. There’s always a starting point and this might attract investors

Pia zile electric TukTuks za India zilianza kimchezo. Sahii those things are responsible for the country’s electric revolution. Wanaunda magari za stima because TukTuks succeeded

True. Even Huawei was simply reverse-engineering imported phones at first

Leta hata wheelbarrow umechomelea tuone.

yawa you guys are over thinking, they started by being food sufficient first, zingine they naturally follow, if kenya had a well fed population, guys will be thinking of next gen things,sio where next meal will come from or if we have chicken pox vaccine in our hospitals

Is it really that simple? Uganda and Tanzania enjoy food security. Are they thinking of next gen things? Their economies like ours are largely agri-based, with minerals and tourism to round off the rest.

Mr @Sahani sio kila pahali kuna umaskini na typhoid Kama kwenu

my friend so long as am poor you can never eat your bread in peace.

You are one intelligent talker!