Africa Opposition Authoritarianism; bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people

This piece was done last year by the Africa Policy Institute. I have searched whether it is among entries here and it doesn’t seem anyone else has posted it. For the sake of informed argument and archiving the material here for our children, I have posted the article here. It speaks bluntly on how African opposition parties (including, in my opinion, the ANC’s nefarious ousting of presidents) are a real threat to the growth of democracies.

Genuine opposition is health for democracy to evolve and mature.

Another type of opposition is visible in many countries, a kind which is roused never to accept defeat as part of democratic transformation. It’s core activity is to actively and continuously inflames a nation’s focus away from addressing important national issues; hence constrains development in all fronts across the continent, has lead to opposition despotism a situation which has evolved in Kenya.