Africa Is Better Off Colonized Why Europeans Than By Fellow Africans

Most of Africa today is still colonized albeit by Negroes who are sometimes worse than the white devils from Europe. The Kenyatta family is one such greedy family who will readily auction fellow citizens for some British Pounds.
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Kenyatta Jnr is on record giving is Masters in the UK flowers then a few weeks later demolishing houses of fellow citizens in the middle of the a rainy night.
Heri Mkoloni mzungu amabaye hata hatuna uhusiano naye kuliko MASHETANI weusi wanaotawala Kenya saa hii.


A rational man looking at his overall (mis) direction, choices, ‘ideas’ and governance would conclude he doesn’t have a clue what his purpose is in the top seat nor how he got there. Shouldn’t be fooled by his ‘mastery’ of the Queen’s akipeana speeches prepared by speechwriters. Just PR spin through a vacuous and self interested bonobo


That is much better done by a foreign than by fellow negores. Uhuru does not brand people with hot irons, he evicts peasants out into the cold rainy nights where babies catch Pneumonia and die slowly so that his new Private City can have a place to dump their feces after stealing all the water from Murang’a

Huwa unaniudhi sana. You a weak human being. You are just pathetic. Utaharibu psychology ya watoto wako sana. Maybe you grew up in a family where your parents were telling you how useless you are mpaka ukaamini. I am also sure that you are a loser in life. There is no way you can succeed in life with a low self esteem like yours. Ungejua some of us are blacks too but we have done great things ungenyamaza. Sio kila mtu ni sufferer kama wewe. Wacha kutulilia kila siku kama mtoto. I am tired of your wining. Kama hupendi kuwa mwafrika then kill yourself utuwache sisi wenye tunajipenda tuendelee kuishi. Hio chuki uko nayo ya waafrika haitawahi kuwa accepted hapa Ktalk.

Most probably from an equally frustrated father, who didn’t cut it in life, and directed his frustrations to @Ndindu.

I agree. Ndindu was raised very badly. His parents did a very bad job of raising this boy. He may also have been abandoned when he was a child. The guy is a sadist to the extent that he comes here every day to say that we should be recolonized.

To him, African being colonized again, is what will bring everyone down to his level of pathetic life. The guy can’t Stand seeing his fellow Africans doing well, he rather see all of us working in coffee plantations, him being the Nyapara

Its sad to see this Kind of slave mentality among our people today

it is a well known fact uncle toms(home guards) were worse than the ole massa…

Too bad loser. Tulifunga hii kesi 1963. You’re free to drown in the Mediterranean Sea with other losers in a bid to get into your masters Europe.

Mbwa mwitu nyinyi. I speak the truth. Negroes are not yet Humans. I don’t require your approval, makende wewe. As far as I am concerned I have made it life. I am not a tenant and I make enough money even during this hard times. Wewe keep on barking at me.

I will keep rubbing scambags like you the wrong way mpaka ile siku mtajua blogs za onlinee kuna characters wa kila aina. Later I will post another threat mchangie.

That truth only exists in the circumference of your head, nowhere else

Africans are not the problem, you are the problem.

Ndindu nakuchukia mbaya sanaa kwa sababu I know you are right. We would be better off colonised by Jungus. Yaani ile upuzi tuko nayo inaniskuma out if my pan-African mentality. Have you seen what is going on in Narok. Ubonobo tu