Africa is a gone case


I pray such conflicts will never come to kenya my beloved country , yaani Sabina joy ifungwe juu ya conflict hapanaaa haiwezekaniii.[ATTACH=full]376461[/ATTACH]

Imagine huwezi hata kuosha rungu ama kutoa lock. Such a bad situation.

Kenya (the citizens) is way too advanced for that. People may act like fools from time to time but kuna level ingine hatuwezi fika. Impossible.

wale walikua wanasifu Ethipia wako wapi

You live by the leaders you elect thats the norm of Africa and you can imagine the pm won a nobel peace prize.

You must fight to unite. Kenya is a brewing case, ile tribalism iko kijiji one day people will fight a tribal ending war.

Wakale peke yao ndio wako warlike katikati ya Kenya. Cushites uko juu wakiuana hakuna shida tutakata supply kutoka Nairobbery.

Sisi tulikuwa tunasifu vienyeji zao. We are willing to host them in our house as second wives.

Can never be Kenya. The cowardice humu is on its own level.

Yugoslavia was also like Kenya. Different tribes, okay in Europe they say nations, tolerated each other until one day kukalipuka. So long as we walk, talk, think tribe, we are still living in lalaland.

Very true. The tribal pride in us is a sleeping demon that should be killed in all ways possible