Africa is a fence seater mambo za Venezuela Why??

African nations can tip the scale on this one. Most of Africa will oppose interference of a sovereign nation

South Africa, a current non permanent member of the UN security council is fully behind meduro…ama?

Other African nations must not be afraid of picking a side. Be like SA and tangaza msimamo

Mainly for two reasons. It’s part of the BRICS bloc that also has China and Russia as members. Secondly, Trump tried to interfere is SA’s land policy

And then get pulled into a diplomatic powder keg? We have enough problems in Africa than to be bothered by problems whose solution we cannot enforce.

But what will the gain? Economic wise and diplomatically? SA’s will gain

Actually Equatorial Guinea also voted against the UNSC debate…ivory coast abstained meaning all African reps at the security council sided with Russia and China in support of maduro.
So we can safely say Africa supports maduro.

Why should they be concerned? Would Venezuela be concerned about a similar problem in Liberia?

I don’t know about other African countries but South Africa has been eying Venezuelan oil for a while…Venezuela also want to learn a thing or two about gold and diamonds…
Again the nationalisation project in Venezuela has been praised by the likes of malema( ignore the shortfalls for now…it’s all about populism politics)…and many black South Africans want such a model back at home…you know what that means in an election year like this.
…but the elephant in the room though is the geopolitics…Brics members kama China and Russia are ideologically aligned to the current Venezuelan regime…and we know SA is an important member of Brics.

Brazil is their neighbour and are also in the brics but wako opposed?

We are small players in the world league.

Simply because the world sat back and watched Sarkozy and Ms Clinton destroy Libya. Had African union or just a majority of Africans voiced their opinions I think Libya could’ve been saved.

Non Playable Characters actually.

Brazil’s new president is a far right firebrand who has never liked maduro, a leftist…it will actually shock you that he has softened his stance against maduro since assuming office… there were fears that he might actually invade Venezuela once he took office…ofcourse with help of USA

It is because Africa is the bedrock of leaders like maduro

Majority of those African leaders are in office illegitimately, either through stolen elections, Constitution manipulation, corruption etc thus lack a moral standing in this issue and hence the deafening silence. :D:D:D

Because we need to be the shield.

We’re not voiceless like the West makes us believe.

I can see it’s not only Africa but also some south Asian countries ( Japan, south Korea, et al…) I mean in this world just avoid matters that concerns your life less. And you live to enjoy your own life.