Africa: How the West keeps Africa poor


Even an employer keeps employees relatively poor to maintain the plantation. It’s upon the oppressed to find a way out.

Hii ni upuzi. If at all anything, it’s Africans keeping Africa behind. Stop blaming the white man and own responsibility for once. Mzungu ndio amefanya kesi za corruption na murder zitupiliwe mbali na jizi mkubwa Gachagua akuwe Deputy president?

Thank you for saying that we have to take responsibility for our own actions sio kulaumu wazungu kila wakati. They are not responsible for our corruption, and poverty etc. But some people here would have you believe if it wasn’t for the white man tungekua na flying cars. The stupidity of some people is shocking

Ni kama hamuelewi mambo…bila kusoma vitabu za and listen to mzito…Noam…the GOAT

Kuelewa ni zero…pawns in a game of 3D chess…

GOAT will educate you fellows on a few if you care to read or listen to him…vile mambo huendanga…or better yet ender soma Lib pale DC for primary documents of real history…you may get some real knowledge…

but I guess you can’t be bothered or lack access to public info

An African moves seamlessly from blaming mzungu for his woes, to cheering his tribemates who plunder resources of their country for personal gain! But then again, mzungu shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this mischief!

Senile demented kîhîî Ojinga will never be president