Africa Border Problems

I support ethnic federation in Kenya and Africa. Thats the most sure way to ensure stability and properity for future

Or rather creation of a new creole language with loan words from every group which will become modus operandi in communication and learning. But in no case should it be at the expense of said languages.
Kiswahili should be left to watu wa pwani as it does not represent diversity. It’s akin to English in Kenya.

Masaman actually did a video on this to show how it would look like, acha nitafute

Tuanze na basics… The Great North road corridoh superhighway imaliziwe… At least 8 lanes from Cape to Cairo. And a branch to every territory… Halafu zingine kama NNE hivi, slicing Africa at the equator, pale Sahara, from Ndjibouti to Mauritania na huku chini Mozambique to Angola…

Hizo corridoh ziwe kama lapset, yaani road, rail, gas na pipeline…

Our problem is not language. People who do not know their language are very tribal

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That’s all wishful thinking. We have to realistically deal with the present situation.