Afghanistan was a British colony in the 1800s. Wakapewa uhuru in 1919. Ogopa British

Interesting that the Americans are unable to do what the British were doing in the 1800s.

The British left there with their tails tucked in-between their legs, so did the Russian and now the Americas

What did the British do? There were three Anglo-Afghan wars. In the first, Afghan tribesmen destroyed the British army. The Second War went better for Britain, but they wisely withdrew all their forces after winning to avoid another massacre.

By April 1881 all British and Indian troops had left Afghanistan, but British Indian agents were left behind to smooth liaison between the governments.

So Britain had absolutely no direct control over Afghanistan, which was quite un-British-like. They instead used the threat of invasion to keep their colony in check. Anyway, they launched a third war against Britain in 1919, and the British said “fucck this shiet”

Habibullah was assassinated in 1919, possibly by family members opposed to British influence. His third son, Amanullah (r. 1919–1929), regained control of Afghanistan’s foreign policy after launching the Third Anglo-Afghan War (May to August 1919) with an attack on India. During the ensuing conflict, the war-weary British relinquished their control over Afghan foreign affairs by signing the Treaty of Rawalpindi in August 1919. In commemoration of this event Afghans celebrate 19 August as their Independence Day.

Just as Afghanistan has done with other invaders, they wore the British down until “just leave the crazy Afghans the alone” became the most logical foreign policy option for the British empire.