Afghan girls are coming

Due to the unfortunate circumstances in Afghan, some African countries have began taking in some of them. Uganda and Rwanda wamekubali some refugees watumwe kwao na US. Some are against this cause these refugees camp can turn into a breeding ground for terrorism huku Africa. So the Rwandese government wamekuwa wajanja wakasema they are only taking in Afghan girls. I know Alfred Mutua ni talker hapa so I appeal to him to ask the government to send the Afghan college and university ladies here since Rwanda wameshasort the primary and secondary girls. I can personally offer to house upto five of them.

You will fit 5 of them in your bedshitter?

He’s a talker?

Mujamaa ukona jokes kama za cobra squad

Yep. Has always been here.

If kuna option ya selection, tupewe females kama thao mbili hivi.

Na mbona Arab neighbors hawasaidii wenzao. Si Syria iko tu hapo. Saudi Arabia wamechukua wangapi?

Hahaha, si bedsitter, nafasi iko

Wanaogopa the terrorists will infiltrate their countries in mass pretending to be refugees

Explains the birthday party

Kwani unafikiria @digi ni nani…si ni huyo beta male

Beta male who paid an artist 7 million and hospital staff 7k

These ones are usually married off at Birth …
Hauna Hope … :smiley: :smiley:

African men has game unlike the Arab men who can’t seduce a woman and has to rely on their parents to hook them up.

They should also be told in Africa upuzi ya hijab hatutambui so they can dress venye wanataka.

Wakikuja huku naweza okota at least mmoja. There will always be that karebel who was against the marriage. Unampa tu a little push now that the family/future husband wako in another country na unapata

That is obviously a model. The average poor refugee fleeing conflict is not going to look like that at all.

I’ve always wondered about these refugees who take refuge in a shithole country. As a refugee, aren’t you supposed to take refuge in a good first world country?

If you’ve ever noticed Arab countries never take refugees.
Ni hizi other countries kujidai wasamaria wema then terrorism ikiwa juu they start complaining.
These Arab countries wanajuwa what their people are capable of na venye most of them they’ll start being ungrateful n want more

As a refugee you take what you can, IDP’s come to mind

Al least in kenya we won’t pester them with send boob and vagene pics.
We will see and touch lmaoo