Affordable Housing-Kilio kila mahali


Trans Mara.


We need a Coup De Tat



Enda ukapigane Gaza


Hiyo laana ya huyo mama iko Sawa kabisa

Nasema Amen


Iyo affordable housing lazima ifanyike.

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If there was a God angetumalizia hio mbwa but since we are alone we should match to state house and beside freeing the country we rescue mama taifa , seems when she tells the mbwa he is finishing people he is abusing her violently.fuck that dog

Tunalaani be Ruto

you fuck with the devil he lays eggs in your community… ruto is a product of our society. god has nothing to do with it. all he can do is watch us degerate into our own hell


I am a landlord and at the same time fully support the government project for the sake of middle class and PEASANTS who are the majority.

By 2026, Kenyans will be requesting for more. On Saturday, i made a stopover at changamwe where the project will be carried out. The new AFFORDABLE housing units to be constructed will be 1000 from the current overpriced and inhumane 84 units.

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Wsr is forcing a problem down the throat of kenyans. No Kenyan has raised the issue concerning shelter.
If he is indeed wanting to help kenyans, affordable housing isn’t a priority at the moment.


umechoka na mtu wenyu?

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Urban and rural planning is very important now and in the future.

Many unconducive countrywide majengos and Kibera slum started small when Rao was an MP for DECADES but residents were comfortable with it. See how compromised the structures, drainage systems, hygiene, congestion… are. It’s shameful when driving along southern bypass especially with friends from other regions. Few flats built in phases could have saved the current uninhabitable situation.

Hakuna kurudi Misri tena.

Do you people just lie because your fan base is filled with idiots who believe such nonsense ama huwa nyinyi wenyewe ndio wajinga tu naturally?


Why does every single UDA pauper base their arguments with Raila? This country is in the trenches ns and if we continue being blind to the matters that face us, very soon tutarudi enzi za nyayo.

If Ruto was genuine about serving the basic needs of the people, instead of focusing on ghost projects like “affordable housing” ange focus on food production, manufacturing, and enabling a conducive business environment through tax incentives and lower cost of energy. Izo billions za affordable housing could easily fuel such ventures which in turn create employment.


Plan is to have people concentrated… They are easy to govern… Future plans za wazungu…

For once lets be objective. For guys who have entered those Changamwe houses(like me), they were trash, People living literally like cockroaches.

If affordable housing is getting rid of such colonial houses, so be it. I support.

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Nabii has given priority to basic needs ( food, shelter & clothing) besides other maendeleo.

He started with bringing down the cost of producing food through subsidized fertilizer. Due to high cost of fertilizer, farmers were using 0.5- 1 bag per acre which was inadequate to produce enough food. Last year, most farmers used the recommended 2 bags per acre which led to bumper harvest, it brought down the cost of our major staple food. The situation will improve further this year. The cost of 1 bag of fertilizer has gone down to 2,500 from 3, 500 last year.
Oil crops like sunflower, canola, macadamia… are being promoted too. Sunflower seeds are issued free + subsidized fertilizer. Ikikomaa, women & youth groups watapewa simple oil extractor machines mashinani, cooking oil will be more affordable.

He started the housing project with an imaginable speed in almost all counties. Maadui hawapendezwi na hili juu itamuongezea bonga points 2027. Billionaire landlords pia wametense juu ya compe.

Hybrid cotton production is currently being promoted in Busia, nyanza & Coast and soon the textile industries which were closed down many decades ago will get back to their feet. Bei ya vitambaa na nguo zitashuka( na sio mtumba).

Quality healthcare will soon be affordable to EVERY PEASANT in kenya through SHIF.

Let’s support maendeleo.

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Kenyans have become this stupid yaani. Waste of sperm.


Makosa… Lingi Nji Will take over… and then?