Affiliate Marketers

I started a Youtube channel as a hobby less than one week ago. Today I checked and it has over 5000 views mostly from the U.S.A. I think the traffic is high quality (U.S.A) and now I’m wondering what I should do if the success rate continues. Na msiniambie adsense juu I don’t want to bore the audience with Youtube ads. Nawezaje nukisha kitunguu na hii kitu if it ever hits one day??

:D:D:D:D… I thought were too ‘good’ to do affiliate marketing.

Yeah. Too good to hawk floorboards from site to site. I don’t mind collecting money sitting on my hands though. Affiliate marketing yako ni kienyeji you can’t really scale. I think 10 steps ahead. I’m only interested because the potential here is HUGE. There can only be so many Randys walking from site to site.

That being said, I do think it is smart of you to do your type of affiliate marketing as an insider in that industry.

:D:D:D… nilikuambia mimi I am the typical kikuyu sina aibu I will hawk mpaka mothers Union kama ziko na pesa.

Honestly, I think it is a good strategy for you. It just isn’t for me unless I’m desperate.

Mimi affiliate marketing ya online naona very huge potential ikikubali especially if the audience is from a first world country. No shame in selling your floorboards though.

I prefer kazi za akili mingi na ugali kidogo na pesa mingi :smiley:

Fundi most likely doesn’t get the business model. Unatengeneza pesa kama umelala kazi ni kusoma weekly SEO reports from a mhindi VA

Focus on growing your channel and monetize later.

That’s the general idea. At some point I will have to monetize ni vile sijui when that will be and what affiliate plans I will join. I will continue running it as a hobby for a few months until it grows significantly. I’m just doing the research now juu niliona in between the madness huku there are a few cool heads who are very smart.

I fully understand the concept and I also share the affiliate links on my social media but one on one interactions converts to more sales more than affiliate links.

My day job allows me to meet potential clients… the only time I go hawking is when I am free… most of the sales have bn closed while doing my day job.

Wewe ndio unarun hio Twerk Kenya YouTube Channel. I want my twerk videos featured uko. Process?

This is where you get it wrong. Wewe lazima uuzie one person at a time limiting your income Ukiwa mgonjwa hakuna or engaged elsewhere hakuna pesa unatengeneza .

Your income is directly proportional to your personal interactions. How many can you realistically do in a week?

With an online affiliate site, you monetize to a global audience and its very easy to profile your customers and use metrics to improve sales.

You make money whether you show up or not. Conversation rates pia ziko juu sababu you are selling to an interested audience.

You are local he is global. Huge difference

Grow the audience then when the channel reaches an inflection point, kaa chini and profile your audience. Monetizing will be a breeze

In your opinion, when is that inflection point in terms of views and subscribers?

I understand the difference and At some point i was tempted to try the shopify thing but it was too much of a hustle and yes my target is local … the cheque ain’t bad.

Let’s be candid here. A dollar is a dollar regardless of where it was made. For that reason, keep pushing those floorboards. No shame in that.

Watch out when subscriber growth flattens and views start being consistent for uploads.

What is so wrong with affiliate marketing?

And you can scale… Just do it from an authority site perspective. Build authority and sell every brand in related field.