AFCON round of 16

Cotedivore servives.

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Afew mouth watering matches. As for our jirani wa kiswahili mufti, their keeper did well, hope some European team comes for him

Wacha tupanue cheeks za Senegal

I won’t be surprised if you take it

You are like a wounded underdog

Senegali tunabeba hii kitu tena

tutumieni links wadau za kustream games wadau.

@cortedivoire is likely to win. If they bring in that Leverkusen defender.

Iko KBC. Leo tuko nyuma ya Nigeria, hope Onana starts between the sticks for Cameroon, we need his blunders .

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Egypt vrs DRC at 11 PM. I reckon it will be tight. Rooting for our lingala boys

Penalty missed

Seems like extra time and penalties in Egypt DRC match. I think mwarabu has better discipline and may clinch it .

big mouth big p

Congratulations to DR Congo for eliminating Egypt.
Up next Senegal go up against host nation Ivory Coast at 11Pm :grimacing::grimacing:, wierd timing for us in EA. Hosts will be clobbered

Cape Verde against Mauritania what a cracker of a match. Both teams going for it.

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Game ni muoto

Nigerian vs Angola at 8 and DRC vs Guinea Bissau at 11.
Leo tuko nyuma ya Nigeria. Ama aje @TrumanCapote

Nigeria thru

Tuko nyuma ya Batoto ba Congo wadau

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DRC thru too. They will probably meet the host nation in semi’s then Oga’s or SA in final