AFCON finals

Egypt are the kings of penalties,
Manes penalty saved.

Apana tambua pharaohs.

Mane nauwa pharaoh:
FT - Senegal 2: Pharaoh 1

African teams ,no playmaker. No #10.

The Lions have lost so many chances.
They will have themselves to blame.

Penalties waah!!

That Egyptian keeper is a real deal when it comes to penalties

Mwarabu ameuliwa

Egyptians can’t believe it

Senegal imefanya revenge on behalf of wana Israel

Huyo keeper hapana. Hata kwa hio shootout he almost made some crucial saves.

Ghasia ilikuwa Imeandika mwakenya kwa water bottle. Anyway fuck arab invaders.

Kwani hio ni makosa?

And he’s not even their first choice keeper

Hawa pharaoh walitesa wana Israeli sana …

Senegal has to beat Egypt again, next month in world cup qualifiers

Egyptians know how to slow down the pace of the game and control and stretch the game. Egyptians make you to play their game. Risky strategy.

They play the same way in every tournament since the early 2000s. Na wakiingiza kamoja wanaanza kujiangusha chini sijui wameumizwa

The strategy failed to work today but got then close enough though. Unfortunately, that strategy is only fruitful against African teams since at world cup they underperform. Soccer is a game of both skill (talent) and strategy. Sometimes luck is an addition

Egypt was poor from the begining of Afcon . useless arabs