Afande pamba

What happened to the village afisa @pamba ? The village ocs used to enlighten us on D materials mental gymnastics to enable us understand how to deal these gangstars better and the amount of hongo to contribute in different scenarios[ATTACH=full]462992[/ATTACH]

According to dense negroes big belly is a sign of Wealth

This brother will not live long.

In case of famine ,you will die faster than him since ako na stock kwa tumbo ,a namna gani @kush yule mnono

Hii tumbo imewekwa pumzi

Hii condition common sana among alcoholics. It could be enlarged liver or Ascites, a condition in which fluid collects in spaces within your abdomen.

Ana kujaga kama pseudo

Watu ni wagonjwa bwana, he maybe diabetic.


You mean pressure?