Strictly speaking, son, I have never been employed. I have worked for companies on contract for short durations, and what I earned at the end of the month depended on the hours I put in. At any one time I always have had at least four ‘employers’ - but definitely not in your sheep 8-to-5 way.


With the knowledge you have, I would advise you to go into self employment/manufacturing. Another degree is a gamble which may or may not pay off. A huge untapped market is the beauty industry. You can start making hair or skin products using natural ingredients ex. avocado, citrus fruits, honey etc and market them as the key to youthful hair, skin etc. Research the internet for more tips, the world is at your fingertips!

@Okiya, you know I don’t suffer fools lightly. Unajifanya ng’ombe ukamuliwe?

UON has campuses even in Kisumu and Lokicharr, all 30 of them. So where exactly do you want me to start looking for Bitange?


Inbox him kwa LinkedIn

I agree with Okiya. Another degree wont make a difference.

Look for a job as a 1st option and think of a business as a last option.

I have a degree and a masters but i chose to be in business because the job market in this country is fucked up. I got a degree abroad but we get peanuts here.

I have only been employed for 3 months before i quit my job. I really hope i never get employed. Loving being my own boss.

UoN chiromo campus. He lectures in the school of computer studies

Business was not made for everybody. Again our curriculum is skewed more on formal employment than self employment. No wonder majority can’t quit their jobs to start businesses.

A lá Heisenberg huh?:slight_smile:

:smiley: whatever that is

:D:D:D:DHeisenberg, the main character in Breaking Bad.

Meth kama Walter White

manze jo, I wish I had that degree ningeteneza madawa zingine ngori lakini mtu mwingine lazima aandikwe works

Just go away old fart, your time’s up

@Grundy, leta nyanyako akanikeep busy. Toothless BJs na kadhalika…

Breaking Bad style.

A masters degree…

Skuizi a masters degree is just paper. very few people can even remember if they’re the ones who wrote their theses. Be very careful if you wanna walk that road. Experience is better than a masters degree in many fields.