I married my wife a couple years ago. She was a single mum to a 3-year-old boy then. The boy is now 5.

The problem is that she doesn’t want to get pregnant for me. Sure, I love the boy, but I’d like kids of my own. Biological kids.

We have had many many discussions about this to the point it’s a dead topic. She’d adamant she doesn’t want a second kid. She says one is enough.

The other sticking point is that she’s refused to take my last name. She insists its an old tradition and that she’s proud of her last name.

What should I do. I love her to bits but I’m not convinced she feels the same way.

dump her

Huna bibi hapo…

tulisema kuoa single mother is a bad idea ukapuuza

Try marital rape

Did I read well? Married? TO A SINGLE MUM?

Beba mzigo wako bila kusumbua watu.

Please don’t waste your youthful vigour. There are so many single women you can marry. The one you have is certainly not a wife, despite you doing her a favour. I doubt whether your parents have approved this relationship ? Please run fast


you have too many expectations, she knows once she agrees to one of those two you will never stop

Kiuliso ni Nani ameoana Kwa hiyo nyumba. Kick her out infact you should bring a lanye. Huyo ghasia na hio mzigo yake wa lale kwa kiti. Tombaa Malaya usiku mzima. Kesho yake Poko akitoka kwako. Huyo sumbua mtupe nje na hio mzigo yake.

She’s not your blood ninja. Ditch that beach ASAP! TF is wrong with you. Utastahimili kichwa ngumu hadi lini? I repeat: she’s not you blood, you’re not joined at the hip. Leave her.

That guy is the definition of scarcity mindset. Bibi ashajua jamaa hana nguvu ya kumuacha

Weka Kwa Mkia.

… Before reading the entire story… mwiba wakujitakia hausikii dawa or whatever they say.

Wewe jikaze na shida zako!!

“Mwanangu hauna ndoa /” (insert pastor Ezekiel’s voice)

@Tauren unasumbua sana sasa


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Mnyonye comer atakuzalia