Hello I paid sh.3,600 for some shoes to be delivered but it was actually a con…four days ago, already reported… do you think the police can track him down or should I just take the L?

3600 ndo unaendea polisi!!! How old are u again?

Old enough to sire twins in a row something a mid forty fake Arab can’t do.

Mister Spirited Miser, please don’t sire kids …we cannot even stand your foolishness…we don’t want more of u

Weka hiyo number ya mpesa hapa. And attach all relevant evidence tujue vile tutakusaidia

Online payments Kenya fanya na pesa uko ready kulose. Follow the number you send money to. The police can.

:D:D:Dthis is nice coming from an nv

Unashingilia NV akikosa heshma

polisi watakuitisha 5k ku track hio 3600 . kubali tu yaishe but mulika hao wezi in all social media

:D:D:Dsio ivo uyu nv ni kama ajue protocols ndio namwambia amejaribu sana yeye kama ghaseer:D

The fake Arab fucks goats only nv .

:D:D:D Wacha watu wakule pia. Huwezi kula peke yako na Kenya ni yetu sote.

Kubali tu yaishe but take it as a lesson,you’ll spend more trying to pursue.
Lick the wounds and move on,itakuwa balaa ukirudia tena

This con men don’t know that wanaharibia legit business men. Government should go hard on them. I trust sending money to China than local business men.
The first time I payed online transaction to China was 2500 USD. Siku lala I had nightmare. I thought ni akina mwangi you are in China. Changed name na kujifunza kichinku. After getting message from Afrisali about the parcel is in their godown. Hapo ndio wasiwasi iliisha.