Advise on better strokes!!

Hi Talkers,
There is this lady i’ve been pursuing and finally she is to give slices later in the day. My worry is i might not live up to her expectation, nowadays i am a one round and 1 minute nigga. I’m looking for one time pill that can be recommended from the leading experts inn here. NB;Its important i reach threshold as there is also a business opportunity I’m pursuing with her. Hekaya,mbisha ata videos to follow after i succeed!!!

Tafuta Vega 100.thank me later

So basically she’s financing you? As in you’re sleeping with her for money? You see where I’m going with this right…?

You’re a prostitute.

Why do some people struggle with everything? Hata ukiitiwa kuma unakuja kuomba usaidizi? Usaidizi? Nkt.

Hapana ua kijana ya wenyewe. Ambia yeye akule nnjahi,maziwa mala na njungu karanga.

Hiyo yote ya nini?one dose equals 30shots

Threshold ni 30 seconds…more than that is hard labour

STUPID, You are mixing BUSINESS with SEX never ever
anyway eat bananas as @Lady Engineer advised, it works miracles


Nope, i have my own money but want to venture to her line of biashara

Wacha u:meffi::meffi::meffi:they work very well my friend

Leta hekaya, what dose does one need, is it sold in chemists? Price range coz this idiots exploit us when buying sex related things…

@Big Mjulus perhaps time to change your incognito

Why? Or into what?

piga shash kama mbili na njugu ya thateee uone wandaaasssss


Vega 100:eek::eek::eek:

Shash nazo ni nini?

Shash ni ile miwa ya green brown hivi hutoka Kisii

shashamaneee bangiii

alafu ulete report form