Advise needed

Hello guys I’m thinking of enrollling in a music academy namely nyota academy to learn either guitar or deejaying both of which I’m very passionate about… which would you advise I do?Is this idea viable?

Anza na guitar ukue mugithi superstar kama James itina

Kwa ivo ni viable sana…

If you’re past 26yrs, stop wasting your time

If you are passionate about something do it irrespective of age.
But yes if you are past a certain age do it for passion not career

Pia piano si mbaya.

Deejaying is useless to learn…would suggest learning music production instead.

Tell me more about it…
Where is it offered best…

That’s not an idea…do it for fun and enjoy.

Wewe leta ideas basi

I know of a guy who learnt playing guitar only a few years ago. He is almost 40 years old. He recently started performing one-man shows in joints and is making extra coins from it. It’s never too late to learn anything.

Ideas niza biz. Hapa ni fan, acheze instrument askie fiti.

Aliisomea wapi shifu?

Leta something ata idea yenye unaeza kuwa nayo,yaeza kuwa haitanifaidi but itafaidi mwingine hii mambo ya kuongea tu kwa thread bila bringing something tangible madzee ikome!

It’s about time [SIZE=7]TUKIUKE![/SIZE]

He was taught by a certain guitar veteran