Advise needed

Elders there is this daughter of Jesebel I met about a month ago and after throwing the wheat she has entered the box. Today as I did my physical inspection to determine her suitability for the eating and here is my summary report:

  • the legs are well formed, roundish and luhya like. The finishing is smooth upto the knees. The hips are very attractive, firm and well sized but not very smooth, some wart like protrusion here and there all the way to a few cm to the glory hole.
  • the derriere is of good size not big not small. Firm and sweet in appearance.
    -The waist is hour glass with no protruding tummy.
  • the boobs are average sized. Firm with sharp nipples but full of pimple like protrusions on the upper part of both boobs.
  • the lips are blackish, full and juicy.
  • the face is black roundish with dimples quite attractive but on a closer inspection it has small pimple like protrusions on the upper part towards the forehead and uneven coloration towards the ears.
  • the hair is black, full and silky.
    With the above information elders kindly advise if she qualifies for an elders machete and if she does, should I dry fry, condomize, double condomize or use a microbicide and a PEP.

Weka picha ,uone tukikupatia jina yake saai… bladfackin.

You are stupid for even considering this.

No, you should never use more than one condom at a time. Using two condoms actually offers less protection than using just one. Why? Using two condoms can cause friction between them, weakening the material and increasing the chance that the condoms might break.

Can You Use Two Condoms for Extra Protection? (for Teens) - Nemours KidsHealth .

That’s a lot of protrusions brah

So, umemtoa nguo, umeinspect mpaka kuma, ukaachia hapo, ukachukua simu saa hio hio ukapost hii maneno, sasa unangojea majibu ndio uanze kazi?

Umeangalia mpaka kuma then unakuja kuuliza opinion? I think not…umeshakula dryfry na sasa you have had pnc na unauliza kama ni luwere? Sindio?

kula dryfry

but what is the difference btn derrière and boobs?

Is she still in the adolescent stage?

Back in the day, when faced with such a wide array of seemingly reasonable choices, the default answer was:

E. all the above

Ogopa ,hapo utachomwa

Another admin thread. Hata sijasoma.

Mtu aekelee ile mbisha ya worst pnc in history:D:D

You take things too seriously



I noticed the same too.

Kusema tu ukweli, huyu msee amekaa chini akaona aulize elders about poontang yenye ata hatujui venye inakaa na ako na information yote banae

Upuuusss, nurse PNC polepole.

tafuta lanye

Trying to fathom what you’ve just written has elicited only one conclusion…wewe ni mjinga wa wajinga…you should actually vie for that post in the council of fools