Advise needed

Am hitting 50’s soonest. And after 50 i had planned to go back to the young ones in early twenties; the beautiful ones (yet to be born).

So i said to myself, let me have a taste of what i will be eating in my 50’s. I went to tagged, looking for early 20’s about 6 - 10 and make sure the body equals the age. There are many there and all they want is money so it was all about choosing the best. I got one with looks about 7, body tick, age equals what she says.

On to the game, wah! She had the tightest pussy i ever found, her energy was in another level…she rode me on and on and on in many positions without getting tired and not being satisfied. funny its me who was sweating like a pig (yet my life is dedicated to gym 3 times per week). Nilifika threshold for the first time in many years.

after this encounter i was asking myself; what have i been doing with this late 20’s and 30’s? Why have i been wasting my time with them?

Now i want advise on gym exercises that can exercise my ‘weapon of mass destruction’ to the fullest because i want to go full throttle to these beautiful ones.


wewe ni ngombe sana, save your money for diabetes, gout, and hypertension medication

Endelea … you’ll also go back to your 20’s … money-wise.

We are all heading to our 50’s at some point,so here is my advise:
1.Eat healthy,achana na junk.Eat a balanced diet in moderation at all times.
2.Avoid alcohol,if you must consume,do so in moderation.
3.Take your gym work outs seriously.You cant be going to the gym three times a week na bado unahemeshwa na dame kwa kitanda unless you only go to the gym to show off your gym wear.
4.Do cardio.Long runs work well,HIIT cardio works better.
5.This is the most important advice:Lift weights.Cant emphasize this enough.This will ensure that your testosterone levels are high.Utakua unadinya hawa madem kama fakin.
6.If you do these correctly,you wont need to pay for pussy,women will be plucked off of you especially the 22 to 25 year olds.In you they will see a fit,muscular,mature,disciplined financially stable man,sio hii vijana za Subaru ziko na vitambi zinachapa dem shoti moja coz of half erect mjulus due to too much alcohol jaba and shisha consumption.It will be good for you because if you choose to pay for these pussies fulltime you wont have any money left for your post 50’s and beyond.Young men of today wanajua tu kuenda clubbing eating pizza and drinking Jameson the whole day,that’s why cases of diabetes,kidney stones, gout,erectile dysfunction among young men is very high nowadays.

Even if a 50-year-old sleeps in the gym there is no way he is matching a 21-year-old tiger in bed…hakuna vile ata alale huko akiinua chuma. Men are designed to at their sexual potency peak between 20 to 35. Baada ya hapo ni kubahatisha. At 50 years your back alone will be killing you,whether u go to the gym or not.

Punguza ponyetho, kula njugu na mkombero… Na ukunywe maziwa ya ngamia.

That is where you go wrong.Going to the gym is not a one time affair, consistency is key.At 20 to 35 years a mans sexual potency is at its peak,yes,but it wanes going forward due to reduction in testosterone levels.If you maintain your male hormones levels and physical fitness you will maintain your sexual virility.Ukitaka link ya scientific studies useme nikutumie

When did fu cking become this serious… Kidogo useme mtu aende NYS for training…

Also… Two shots pia zime tosha… Who wants to keep fucking for hours… Kwani hakuna kazi ya kufanya…

Plus hii mambo ya ati usikule pizza… Sijui kula matawi ya aloe vera… Eii boss… Wacha watu wakule chakula buana… Ile time mtu yuko death bed then watu wana kuja na chakula tofauti… But can only be fed through veins ndio uta regret mbona hukula mapocho pocho ya chakula…

Am hitting them hard every other day na sijafika 30yrs…sweet life ahead of me hopefully

Because of hitting gym for many years consistently and eating well, i do not know search things - you are the ngombe here

Zile manboobs niliona umetuanikia hapa can’t be of a man under 30 years…punda fwakini

Manboobs ni wewe na cooomer ya mamako inanuka maiti

Nimesema watu wakule in moderation.Aim to operate your body at a calorie deficit.Kila kitu nitamu but too much of anything issaproblem.

Sorry but hii kijiji i thought ni ya billionaires…hawa walitoka wapi?

for you knowledge, i have 2 children and 2 apartments here in Nairobi with the 3rd one inamaliziwa - rent alone is 6 figures. I plan to give each one of my child an apartment and my wife too later in life. Money is not my problem nilijipanga mapema kijana mdogo.

to these young ones, money is their problem, why can’t i use just a little for them?

Kijana, you are still young, jipange! Watu kama mimi na kirubi even if we use how much to these young ones, we will never be broke

Ongea ukweli mzee, age is a blessing. Fika gym lakini

Look at this idiot?..kwani mimi ni slayqueen I lie my age?:D:D:D:D
Tombwa rasa

Ungekua na pesa haungekua ukitafuta malaya badoo na tagged

Acha kukasirikia wazee kijana

He he he! Eti kijana?
Anyway, your dreams are VERY VALID.