So, my friend’s girlfriend is 21 and she got pregnant two weeks ago. He was asking me for advice on what how to raise the kid or what to do since the girl has low blood count…hence abortion can be dangerous…

Any advice will be appreciated


di streets aruke mimba

And guys please, be positive about this… everybody makes mistakes so msianze matusi

Wewe ni nani utuambie how to comment

Tell your friend/cousin/yourself to get a job and suck it up and raise the baby.

why do somn’ if you can’t accept the consequences?

Naomba kunyonya your mboco

(Ju hiyo swali Ina umama Sana)

Street gani hio yenye hakuuzwi condoms? Ju uliamua kumwaga ndani wacha tu uitwe baba roho safi nyang’au hii

Ndigithia ugui nie, soundu.

Mwambie atafute pesa…that is how men raise kids…hizo vitu zingine ni pole pole tu.


When will people learn that condoms are cheaper than diapers?
Ajipange kulea mtoto ama soon he’ll be responsible for the death of two humans. Kama angejiuliza maswali kadhaa before kumwaga ndani, he wouldn’t be in the position he finds himself in.

Wewe umesoma part of she got pregnant 2 weeks ago?
Generation z ya wanawake new improved version inajua haraka aje

Questions like these which are of a medical nature should be asked of medical practitioners during the course of the pregnancy. Lack of foresight ndio inafanya kuuliza vitu Kama hii kwa forum instead of doing it the proper way.

Anaweza jua, coz if she expected her menses the week of 12th to 18th July and they bounced… Then definitely she knew something is up. Enzi hizi wanawake most keep calendars to avoid “surprises”.

While having unprotected sex did they expect to get a plasma tv or a pair of shoes?? Foonder sana…watu walee watoto na waache story mingi…

Women are responsible for giving birth and bear 99% of the risk. Msichana anapata mimba na hustler shida ni akili zake. You cannot sanitize young women for lacking common sense kujua wao ndio watabeba mimba na ndume inaweza ingia karura anytime. Ukiona msichana wa 21 years na mimba ya hustler hawezi lea mtoto jua shida ni akili zake. She is basically young and stupid lakini atatoboa tuu.


Request ya @kalee ni simple. Ameuliza “nipeeni advice vile nitalea huyu mtoi, ama, nifanyeje since gf ako na low blood count”
Bro, how does your name sound like the job you’re about to do?
I don’t think kuna formula ya kulea mtoi. If the girl has low blood count, that is a risk pregnancy, aende prenatal clinic for counselling aambiwe vile kutaenda.

But what’s the question here. Aende tu prenatal clinics they will advise her on the low blood count risk. I think that’s the ONLY issue you have. Otherwise mtoto utalea. Na tunajua tu ni wewe. Ati my friend. We know it’s YOU!