to the men who have been around their wives during child birth, is it really worth it? I’m contemplating of following my wife into the delivery room. This is my 1st child, how about the smell? You men here who have done that, share your experiences

Cant relate but still following…

Don’t do it.You’ll have a totally different view of that vagina and will find it hard to see it sexually after that experience.This has been messing up white people marriages but they never see it instead they will say shit like “Since the kid came we’ve just been too stressed and it’s not working” chunga sana


Don’t fucking do that folk

Please don’t.
And also don’t look out for reasons why.

Peleka wife hosi in good time and stay away, if you have to be around keep away from that room.

Don’t. Its not worth. You will hate your wife after that. Divorce rates are high in western countries where they do that.

I never knew such a thing as seeing your wife give birth can lead to divorce, how traumatic is that experience for the man?

he he he, shida za mabeta males, uone nini Sasa?

I always though that if i ever had a child on the way i will be at my womans side to give her support and assurance. majamaa hapa are opening my eyes


si uwatch a cow giving birth?


Just let the professionals handle the matters without you seeing… Wakisema wacha tumpasue kidogo utachukulia aje

hehehe jaribu kufanya rehersal na online videos kwanza. Lakini hii kitu ina faida gani kuenda kuona?

niaje SENIOR bachelor wa kijiji?

sambamba kaka braza

Miaka inasonga baba,utaoa lini?:D:D:D

Unajua saa zingine huwa wanahara kwa delivery room, don’t, first born nilipeleka khupipi nikaenda local.

next saturday baba :smiley:

Apande vipi? Ebu rushia mimi throughpass ya ile mitoto yako ilizaliwa 2001…dryspell naua mimi