“A man with money will change a broke woman’s life!
A woman with money won’t even look at broke man!
Brothers wake up.”
© Tia Dalma, 2018

Advice to women;

A man shouldn’t be seen as a credit card.
Money can buy relationships but not hapiness .

© Encore, 2018

*Except in Kenya where women with money look at broke men quite often.

Are you a woman?

:DNo, but Wambui Otieno, Mrs Tuju, Jackie Maribe, Mrs Wetangula, are all women

Money equals happiness.

A king marries a commoner(manzi wa kawaida) and she becomes Queen.
The Queen marries a commoner, and the burger will never be King. A good example, pale United Kingdom.

A Burger King ?

In short basically pokos everywhere. News flash the first woman on earth gave it up for an apple.

That “commoner” that married a princess pale UK as you put it was a prince himself before the marriage…of two countries to boot. They would never taint the royal genes…

The point is, marrying a queen doesn’t make you a king .

Its the commoner tag…and the reference to UK…

The commoner wasn’t tagged in UK scenario, but the first one of a king and a queen marrying commoners.
UK, just came in as a by the way.


Women are lucky to get a man with money,but men is a mere luck to have a woman with money.

This is going to make my week, thank you @LeoK
Wonderful week.

Worse than poverty, is having a foolish man.

Lets just say it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable.

what are we discussing here? [SIZE=2]having a slow day[/SIZE]

Leo kila mtu huku ni Mhenga