If your wife cheats on you and she gets pregnant, would you taker her back?


If your wife gets pregnant with another man she has basically given you a BIG middle finger.

i liken taking her back to the boxer below

You never know the answer, until you face the question. I think if your wife gets laid by another ninja (let alone getting paged), that relationship is beyond redemption.

Admin this site is being sabotaged

I’d take her back…and her front leave her with nothing but sides

hi P

Sorry for being impotent and your wife couldn’t take it anymore…

Never, her bags would be packed and she can find someone else to play for a fool

Ata me naona ivo. The rate at which idle posts are being posted by NVs is alarming. Either the robots av gotten smatter or there is some CSI psy op shit going on


Ha ha ha …

Maybe GF not wife. It’s very difficult to leave a wife.

Shame on you if you full me once and shame on me if you fool me twice
By bibi, ume lipa mahari na muka oana kwa kanisa? Ama ni come we stay? Tupe a full hekaya then we can come up with a conclusive mawaidha, labda ni wewe uli cheza aka lipisha, labda wewe ni ule mjamaa alioa malaya ume rudi hapa with a different handle even after kumkataza asi dhubutu kufuga kunguru… Leta hekaya

I will advice the wife we remain f*"! friends only while living separately.

Ala…that’s treason…as in like Ruto aende DRC na akue DP…

If you dont have kids, bounce. If you have kids, separate but keep contact for the kid’s sake. Never fuck her again. Get a new wife

If your husband cheats on you and get a child outside wedlock… Would you take him back?