Advice ya Kizee seriously needed

My anonymous friends. Receive greetings from uncle best. Niko na kashida kidogo and I need advice.


  1. I have a house, a young family (2 kids), a job and a business.

My wife has to travel by boda 4km from the biz to our home. As for me I have a small car which I use on a daily basis to and from work thus Sina shida na transport

Sometimes my wife leaves work late so time na watoi is minimal.


I intend to sell our home for 2.5m, buy a plot near our biz for 1.6m and build a similar house as the one I currently have for 800k.


I haven’t discussed this with my family so I need advice za kizee please.

Mbuya mono, Kongoi, nikwega, erokamano, ni asandi.

Why not buy her a bodaboda? It seems like a lot of disruption to sell a home, buy a plot then build a new home.
But it can also be a lot of fun to start such a massive project.

Vile @Yunomi amesema. Buy your wife a motorbike. Also buy the plot and build the new house so you can now have 2 houses. Pia fungua business ingine karibu na nyumba hiyo ya kwanza halafu unyang’anye bibi nduthi. Na uoe bibi wa pili uweke kwa business ile ya kwanza.

4KM on boda boda ni how many minutes’ ride? What time does she leave the business, and what time do you get home from work

I have a motorbike kwa hiyo route

Around 20 mins when dry and 45 when it has rained

4km is a very short distance to shift. Utatumia less than 20 minutes na boda. So, problem is not the distance but the business your wife does. Think about restructuring the business to allow your wife to go home early. You can even sell the business and look for one that will be less involving for your wife.

4 km is a short distance.

Has she ever complained to you. The nduthi tickles her puthy and she comes home wet for you

Just a suggestion, making such a demanding move to cut out just 4KM comes across as overkill. Kama you arrive earlier than her from Job, is it possible for you to be relieving her of the evening duties as she rushes home two hours earlier to be with the Kids.

Mogaka uliuza Subaru?

We nikama hujaoa kize. Ukioa, coitus itakua twice a month. Tushazoea fika hapo kwanza



It doesn’t take long before a conversation goes to the dogs in this place

The other plot is less than 1km from her biz and Iko kwa lami. Na kuna magari hadi late. Then with time I can built a flat hapo.

Buy her a scooter pale car and general lusaka rd. She will love you more.

Hapana jihangaisha na kuhama na kujenga

If you can get tenants when you build a flat why don’t you borrow cash and buy it without selling the other one and develop all of it? Then you either relieve your wife in the evening so she can go home early, or get someone trusted who can stand in for her those few hours

Oa bibi mwingine. Mmoja wa kufungua morning to afternoon mwingine afternoon to usiku.

Analipishwa how much for that distance? Why not pick her up ukitoka job…


:D:D:D:D:D, those comments. Wacha tu. Why can’t you buy her a small vehicle like a suzuki alto juu pia njeve ya kuchapwa na boda boda kila siku haikuangi poa.