Advice to young kings: Usikule Malaya.

Once you go down that rabbit hole ni hivyo it will take extraordinary Strength and control for one to quit. I have struggled with lanye addiction for kitu 5 years plus, everytime i drink alcohol the next that come in my head is fucking a lanye.
IF you haven’t tried yet don’t even think about it.

:D:D:D:D pole sana.have you tried fasting

2 month since i last visited a danguro.

I am not into too transactional sex, it just looks ugly to me. I once got into a bar in ug and ordered drinks, the waiter asked me if I could buy a drink to a beautiful lanye sitter across. I agreed and she joined me, made her drunk and sneaked out.

It’s normal,but get a life and a loving wife and pray about it

You didn’t offer #mutwaro isatu" 30k ugsh

why are you ghey

Then if you think about it, alcohol is your problem.

1 year strong now.

Your problems are:

  1. You are idle/ have a lot of time on your plate.

  2. Huna dem wa kukukatisha kiu on a regular, i.e., dryspell zinakusumbua.

  3. Bottom line is, you are the problem.

I do not feel attracted to such an arrangement, just like you can’t eat any meat. And when I am drunk I only enjoy one thing…sleeping.

Hapo Kwa idle ni 100% , especially kama unawork online usiku, mchana ni social media

Am not aheavy pertaker of the botttle, but nikilewa, i have this weekness of tunning ,texting and calling ladys whom i admire.

Quit alcohol and all your problems including lanye problems will dissappear.I havent touched a lanye since Dec 12th last year.

tafuta hobby, even if ni cycling, karate,swimming bana. Start another business, blogging ivo, or dev develop another skil to keep you busy during the day. si kazi kukaa tuu ukifikiria kuma waiting to work at night.

:D:D kama @Agwambo hajatoba malaya four months, ndugu @Condor ata wewe utaacha tu.

What’s life worth without a glass or two of fine cognac and a prostitute.

I have made a vow to myself i won’t back slide the same way niliwacha weed it has been three years since.

Elders tupueni apostle @Wanaruona tithe juu ya kuombea usherati kwa kijiji. @Agwambo panda mbegu

hahahahha tunaomba till number ya Apostle