Advice to Men

  1. A man who gives 80% in a relationship and is made to feel guilty for failing to give 20% is a fool.
  2. If you provide 90% then you have the right to make 90% of the decisions. Never allow someone who provides 10% to make 90% of the decisions unless those decisions are better than yours and are for the good of everyone or you.
  3. If you are denied your basic need like sex after pleading for it several times, don’t feel guilty when you look for it somewhere. Disclaimer: Be careful where you look for it.

I say this because I see my friends in relationships, married or not, making above mistakes.

sijawai elewa vile bibi ama dem wa mtu anamnyima kuma

Mimi pia. Mtu akinyimana kuma arudishwe kwao and replace her.

This kunyimwa kuma mostly happens to men who aren’t dominant in the relationship, especially ki-mfuko. The most effective way to control a woman is to control every financial decision in the house. Women understand only one language, financial dominance. Ndio maana unaonanga most career women having very shitty marriages and their husbands kulala kwa bar. He who has the gold makes the rules, so make sure that she depends on you significantly matters finance. I expect many beta males and women to be totally against this comment, but I dont care.

For any relationship to succeed, as a man, you must have a more dominant personality, and the instruments of power (money). When she knows that she cannot afford most of the things she currently does without you, she will fall in line.

Lakini vile mwanaume hutwangwa na bibi hio uko na old and new testament.

Nakubaliana na wewe.

The only happy marriages I have seen since my childhood are the ones where the man was financially dominant over the woman. I don’t mean they married jobless women. No. They married women who could not afford the life they were living, without the man. For example, a doctor marrying a primary school teacher. Both are productive, but the man is dominant. So he holds the instruments of power (money) in that household.
Most men don’t understand that women are incapable of loving men the way they love women. Men love selflessly, and women love opportunistically. Once the “opportunities” are over, love flies out of the window. That is why most divorces are filed by women, after men lose their job. That’s why marriages where both have almost similar incomes always fail e.g Okari and Betty Kyalo etc. A woman is incapable of loving and sustaining a relationship with her equal or junior, especially for the long term , despite all the BS motivational speakers encourage you to believe.

It happens. If a woman can leave a man who does not provide, why should a man not leave a woman who does not provide? Men should wake up and start knowing their rights.

Ukitomba mwanamke vizuri with/out dollar, u can comfortably also make decisions. Anajua akinyimana kuma, ingine italimwa proper elsewhere…

There is no confused woman like one who is receiving good dic from a broke ninja

Not a wife. Dick alone haiwezi fanya bibi mnakaa na yeye kwa nyumba moja akuheshimu if she dominates you financially, intellectually ama hata personality-wise. If what you are saying is true, very many Luhya watchmen would be making important decisions kule leafy suburbs after giving those women mind-blowing orgasms. Na ujue some women are self-made and don’t have husbands.

Many will read but ignore these wise words. You should be awarded MBS next round.

Marriages are for foolish people either way. Steve Mbogo na hio pesa yake yote ya wash wash bado tunamtombea khupipi, same as ile ng’ombe ingine Raphael Tuju. Hii kitu haina formula, marriages are for foolish people. Ofweneke pia alitombewo khupipi pale syokimau na jobless nigerians even after buying a house…i could go on and on…

Anyway, when a loose woman decides kugawa nje ama kukunyima there’s very little u can do. There is nothing like getting in line for l these bishes nowadays, not unless umeoa maskini hohehahe ulimtoa kwa slums.

Wisdom tupu ndo inaflow… But again ladies/women only offer sex Nd nothing else aai it’s time wachange ata

Exactly ukinyimwa don’t lose your principles as a man… na kuanza kubeg beg coomer

Hehe mtu mumepatana mkiwa na meno 32 can do whatever they wish na hakuna kitu utafanya. Married men negotiate from a position of weakness and neediness. Bachelors kama sisi can always kick u out without as much as a single sleepless night.

No lie detected

Only temporarily. The euphoria wears out over a few months.

kumbe hizi machungu zako ni vile ulitombewa bibi . pole

I wish I could have joined hizi tene.

I may not know the reason but methinks hiyo machungu holds some underlying nasty experience.

Sex should never be used as a weapon and should be non negotiable. If she weaponises it, my friend anza kusema uko na ex wife.