Advice to Farmers

Tea farmers are complaining, cane farmers are complaining, pyrethrum, tobacco…coffee ones too. The only farmers not complaining are sisal and cotton farmers. They no longer exist.

If you want to be a crop farmer, grow things that the govt does not regulate. Crops not managed by thieves in suits.

Try vanilla, try rose flowers, try macadamia, try nduma, ginger…

Hata bangi, bora usishikwe.

fungua lodging kama rico and thank me later

Hio wanakujia pia

This is true. Hutawahi sikia tobacco farmers huko Luhya land complaining or picketing.
Anything the Kenya government touches turns to sewage water

Macadamia ni shida pia juu ya nut cartel(Njoti Geng)

Did you say macadamia? Lol

macadamia ni cartel run by ule shairman wa equity - munga i think. you are not allowed to export them. you can only sell to him and then he exports. and that is by law.

Niliona coffee sales at coffee auction, didn’t believe the figures !