advice to beautiful women

Beautiful women should not look for jobs, they should just sell their vaginas. At Sabina Joy, a shot goes for 500, assuming you get 10 men to fuck you in a day, that will be like 5K, if you multiply that with 30 days, it totals to a cool 150,000 a month. Alafu mnasema hakuna kazi, kazi achia wanawake sura mbaya.


Yaani hii ujinga yote imejaa tu kwa hio akili yako ndogo ukaona leo utoe kidogo kidogo kama venye wewe hukojoa kwa highway

Ngombe. Meffi.

whores do hv periods too…toa siku kadhaa apo…


rapist/ prostitute eater

You got some stinging counters girl…That niggah will be looking at his penis the whole time thinking he keeps the city green…Sprinkler!!!

I know right??!! Such a prick