Advice to Amira and other first ride or die wives

Hii Maisha ni fupi. Hii Maisha ni tamu. You are too blessed to be stressed. Marriage is not the be all and end all of life. Mapenzi yakiisha log out of the drama and divest your emotional energy to better things and to those who really love you . Love your self enough to forgive yourself for building a man who is now abusive after you made him who he is. Move on if you are no longer happy. Don’t put up with crap to please society you don’t need a man to validate your existence. Stop fighting with the other woman the problem is your husband. God loves you so much He has given you life and health and you are wasting your life by not loving yourself enough to shut anyone who doesn’t add value to your life out. Jipende mummy. Let go of the dream and the previous investment and let God, He will never fail you. Keep moving forward get unstuck. After the storm there’s sunshine on the other side but if you stay stuck where you are, your whole life will become the storm and you will forget what happiness felt like. Never love any man more than you love yourself, that is the beginning of all evil. Before you give anything to a man or tolerate bad behavior ask yourself, if he would do the same for you, if roles were reversed. If not then neither should you. That would be putting him above yourself. The only Person you should be a matryr for is Jesus. Not a mere mortal who eats and shits like you. When you stay true to yourself and do what is right for you because you are the only one who knows what is right or wrong for you, you reflect the dignity of God and the fact that you are indeed created in His image. God is love. If you can’t love yourself then you can’t love your neighbor. You can only give what you have. If you don’t love yourself you can only espoused unhealthy codependency. There’s no self love and dignity bickering with your wayward husband’s mistresses. Shut him and his toxicity out of your life, don’t get hooked in his lack of self discipline , refuse to participate in your own degradation. Fly above it. To get perspective visit a hospice. Life and good health isn’t a given. It’s a gift. A gift no amount of love and money can buy. You have no idea how privileged you are to be alive and in good health. Don’t squander it pining after a man who clearly does not care about your well-being. You don’t need him, if you are alive and in good health you have it all. Give the throne of your heart to Jesus. Dethrone those who take your love for granted. You deserve better than to cry yourself to sleep every night as your husband is in ecstasy between another woman’s thighs. The only time you should cry because of a man is when he is dead. The energy you waste on a man to prove yourself to society is the energy you can put to better use, to love and care for yourself more. Life is Beautiful. You are beautiful. Don’t give any man the power to convince you otherwise. May God see you through to the other side of the storm. Blessings.

I told u the other day men are gods. We reign this world whether u kithni or dekni. Deal with it because women are our subjects, and subjects have to tow the line when the master says so!

Not possible to regulate feelings in a relationship. You can’t penny pinch a man. That often leads to deterioration of a relationship.

Penny pinching imetoka wapi hapa?

Summarizing your above. Certain things you cant control. Its called a And Gate in computer logic: An AND gate is a logic gate with two or more inputs and only one output. It outputs only 1 when each one of its inputs is a 1. It outputs a 0 even if one of its inputs is a 0.

You are unmarried but trying to advice married women. Advice yourself to get married first and walk a mile in their shoes. Acha nyege mob.

The women who are here are singo mathas full of testosterone .Hii message yako peleka Facebook huko ndio itapata audience .

A relationship is an AND equation meaning its not an EITHER OR one. If the both parties are not willing to make it work, IT CAN’T WORK. Women and some men think that if they do their part and then some they can make it work even if the other party is hell bent on sabotaging the marriage or the relationship.

God created humans with a very powerful will power. The power to surmount unbelievable challenges. When we allow one human being to sabotage our health, our happiness and our peace of mind in the name of fighting for your marriage or trying to make it work, it’s insulting God and the strength He put in us to overcome adversity especially women.

So basically you are agreeing with what I am saying. A woman can’t make a relationship or marriage work singlehandedly the man must also be committed and give his best. If it’s one sided effort it’s doomed. Better to cut your losses than keep pouring yourself in a bucket with holes.