Advice to Admin

Dear sir/madam,

I see your main source of earnings from this site is google adsense.

If those guys discover what goes on in this sex and relationship section eg, porn site links, nude titties, adult stories, etc, utamwaga unga!

Utapata email kama ‘We have contacted you to let you know that your account has been disabled!’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Na huwa hawakuambii the exact reason…

So kama unaearn $2,000 per month from google, be careful, na sisemi uunpublish posts za watu, kama ulitoanga yangu ingine last month :mad:

Najua mawe zitarushwa.


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then admean atakuwa amekamuliwa

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admin unaitwa na alarmist

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Keen eye

Kelele za chura

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So them police they are going to catch our admin? Are they likely to hang him or it can be reduced to a life sentence?

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Hii ndio maana Uzi Wang wa jumatiti umengolewa

Schhooopid. He can get paid adverts from raha, sabina joy, octopus etc. Adsense chieeeeeee…


Bitch ass snitch…

Google lives off porn.
mutherfucking @swipedrow RUN NOW!