Advice this S. O. B

If a friend comes to you in need of advice, he has problems with his wife (a beta) and is contemplating on comitting suicide. After putting theory after theory on how the beta can escape his woes the only solution he has in mind is rope. I suggested he make a road mistake and die like a hero because rope or chemicals is beta way out of problems. Anyone with a better advice I can give this son of soil to stop being suicidal?

Best advise ever. If he go check out,check out like a hero. And if he can get someone blamed for his death,the better.

The Ninja is a business man(hardware and wholesale)the bitch making him suicidal is a clinical officer, they have a daughter and the woman is being kamuad by medical suprintedent. He has been seeing SMS his woman thanking the med sup for good time each time they go to 'seminars 'and the seminars frequency has increased

Fungua roho, tunajua ni weewe

We said u take your slices and leave the bread to the next victim…but huwa hamuskiiii??!

Sorry for hijacking your thread. One cousin passed away about two years ago and I have always suspected it was suicide via road accident. I have never spoken about it to anyone and probably never will, but I had my reasons to suspect so during his burial and events before he passed on. Sasa nimesoma hii comment nikaona it is a thing. The guy had a lot of problems with his marriage/wife that year. He became a DDO and would always call asking for money. Even my dad noticed his depression and often asked me what happened to the guy. I think my dad has the same suspicions but like me he is just silent. Jamaa would sleep kwa bars instead of going home and lost his job as a ma3 driver a few times that year. One day tuliskia tu amekuwa kwa accident na lorry and he was alone in the ma3. Cops never followed up. I cant say that it was a suicide with certainty, but I usually have my suspicions.

Your friend is a hopeless romantic. He will probably kill himself one day. Such people are beyond help and don’t handle challenges well.

When i tell u guys hapa that the world is not your mother’s compound si huwa mnanitusi sana? Nothing, and i mean nothing, has the power to wreck a man like wifing a remorseful, revengeful and extractive bitch. MGTOW = Freedom!

Bruh. I have ice flowing through my veins. I am certainly not the type who would use suicide to escape from my problems - not marriage problems anyway. If you are, I totally understand why you would go your own way. I can survive immense pressure in life because of my mental fortitude so I wouldn’t dodge marriage for fear of marital problems. There are worse problems than marital problems. I wonder how you would handle more challenging situations if marriage sends you scampering for the hills.

Saitan! What the fuck are you talking about?
Are you insane??

A man should have a mission and that mission should not be his woman.
Your beta friend’s mission ni bibi sasa vile anakuliwa dunia yake inaishia hapo.
Two things he can do right now.
1.kill himself like the coward he is and asahaulike in one week or
2.Divorce the bitch, dust himself up and swore to have the biggest hardware hizo sides: Join a gym and get in shape and start flipping PYTs as he drives nice cars.

Either way, choice ni yake and he will live or die with the consequences of his decisions.

Just a curious question;
Do you or your friend know any strip club/brothel?

I suggest you take him there as an Xmass gift, he’ll realize how pussy is overrated.He will realize how pussy is pegged on material things.

Above all he’ll realize how stupid a man should be to die for something soo easily given out.

aaand thats why drugs, hookers, and alcohol exist… shida ka hizi humostly affect church niggas and niggas that don’t drink or stay in on weekends

there are far more important things to a man than his relationships to women

Many beta males have tackled those problems you think are difficult in fact when it comes to finance they succeed with flying colors just like the vampires my type. Wat shocks me is the only problem which confuses men is a woman

You have never come across a man who claims to fully and unconditionally love a woman. Even if I offer him 20 virgins all naked plus 7 nymps from Mohameds heaven he will still not come to his senses. You can confirm from @mimi huwa namwanga ndanii

Nina swali. Why does everyone think that the gym is an answer to all problems? Nilinotice if a guy posts about problems, even if his problems have nothing to do with health issues, default answer ya watu wengi hukuwa join a gym. Yet, they don’t even know whether the guy is already a gym rat. :smiley: Kesho msee mwingine akipost problem XYZ that has absolutely nothing to do with living an unhealthy lifestyle lazima some clown atamwambia to join a gym as part of the solution. C’mon guys.

Kesho mtu atapost kwa motoring section gari yake imeharibika gearbox aambiwe the first step is joining a gym :smiley:

For the sake of knowledge, what is a wondering spirit and where do they wonder? What do you mean by hell? Suppose you die when you are supposed to die, where does the spirit go?

Maybe kwa gym dio desperate people find solace in building biceps and of course watching women squote their asses up and down. Soo sensual