Advice please. Which courses are the best for immediate employment?

I have been invited to my former high school to give them a motivational talk to candidates before they do exams. One of the topics is career courses to choose. What courses can I advise them to choose apart from medical and law courses?

Shifo huwezi kosa mucéne ya kuwapa

Best remain medicine, Law and Engineering, Accounts;
but advice the kids to work with their limits not to strain their-selves, its not that serious

cifu utawaste time ya uyo mwanafunzi bure ,education should not be foe employment

Most of people from humble background only look up to education as their way out of poverty chain

Tell them to work hard so that when they have kids the education they have will just be to supplement their lives while they are working for their family business…thats what im working on my kid will get the best education but most likely…mwisho mwisho she will end up running her mathas biz if i get a choice in her choices

Simply tell them to work hard and do their best. And emphasize on discipline as the key to success. Grades ni muhimu pia but sio saaana.

ambia wasichana wamalize course kabla waolewe ata kama ni ya kushona nguo.

wote wajoin KMTC ive never seen a jobless nurse. Demand for employment is Global

True dat…nurse hawajawahi bi jobless…especially majuu…kazi kiatu imeseidia wengi…healthcare u can’t lose…tho some of us tunaidharao…kama mi I Cant…but if you want employment hutakosa hapo

@ChifuMbitika please note that “best” here does not really mean much, hizo courses we know a lot of engineering graduates wanatembea mtaani. I think you should tell them the reality:

  1. Things out there are extremely tough, and in order to make it they will have to be problem-solvers, tell them to be very observant kids from today, very very observant, to develop a habit of finding problems and finding solutions to those problems, it is the only way they are going to make it. Please dont lie to them the way we were lied to ati soma kwa bidii ukuwe engineer you’ll make millions. What these kids need to be is observant students, and problem solvers. Tell them and the teachers to form groups for weekly discussions, where the students present some problems they have noted within the school, and how they as students can solve those problems; na sisemi problems za diet ati sijui wameona ugali haitoshi, ama sijui ati hatuna school bus; I’m talking about constructive problems. Such kinds of things will force them to be outside the box thinkers.

  2. Ambia the boys to exercise, tell them wakirudi nyumbani they need to go to the gym, at school waambie they need to run and sprint around the field, hiyo sprinting ni muhimu sana since they dont have gym equipment in schools.Tell them they need to stand in the sun every morning for 2-10 minutes(kuota jua), very important for a man.

  3. Tell the boys they need to learn how to talk to girls. It could be tough and intimidating for some of them but tell them its very important that they get over that fear. I’m not even kidding, tell them kuongelesha na kuchekesha msichana is a very important skill to have. And like all skills it needs to be learnt, so encourage them to walk up to girls and say hi, the first ten times may be a disaster but after that the skills hukuja. That way they wont end up kama wanaume wa hii kjiji wanakuja kuringa ju walilipia malaya. Dont forget this point.

  4. Waambie making it is all about connections, so tell them to be nice to one another, to check up on one another. Waambie as a form 1 you can offer kununulia form 4 bedfather mkate, na form 4 afulie form 1 nguo. Its just being nice to one another, hivi ndo connections are built. Tell them among them there are future doctors, there are future businessmen and future MPs, and now is the time for them to build those connections.

Vile unashindanga ukituletea post za Facebook ungedhani utaulizia mambo ya Social media marketing.

Tell them about the 150 movement

Wasome cosmetology pale Vera Beauty College kama ghaseer @Tom Bayeye

Wrong choice for a motivational speaker.

Ambia hao vijana wasioshe macho kama vile ulikuwa unafanya when a young female teacher with an ass hugging skirt, is writing on the black board.

Watu waambiwe ukweli.

Wasomee purchasing and Procurement watafute job ya GOK

Waambie wasukume wilbaro, kazi ni kazi.

:Dguaranteed jobs



Tell them their destiny won’t be determined by exams.

Tell them life has to move on even if they fail

Encourage them to pursue talent and what they love.

Tell them to go into business when they get a chance.

Tell them to live life whether they pass or fail.