Advice : Pay TV Vs Internet

Good people,
I think I am getting tired of DSTV. Internet seems to be disrupting pay tv…through Netflix or some ‘Stick product’ kosokoso (comes in a flash disk and just needs Internet connection).
Can some good samaritan explain to me like a 2yr old how this Internet ones work, prices and if possible the best option.
Ahsante in advance

Tulia ufike 15yrs ata ukiambiwa bado itakuwa kosokoso

you answered your own question, by 2021 there will be no Pay tv

So far hakuja kua na a formidable alternative to dstv…bein lazima expert ndio akusetie na iko na very expensive initial cost, hizi ma mobdro sijui iptv zinakua patapotea same goes with Amazon tv…lazima mtu afanye ujanja flani ndio uone tv …that is something someone like my father cannot understand or do…

Fta lazima kila saa upande roof na channels zina ngolewa kila saa

Netflix is only good for movies or series…no football no live coverage

Remaining solution ni dstv

At least wana kupea mpira, unalipa siku utajiskia, LEGAL, versatility in channels etc

Now that you talk if DSThieVes I think that subscriptions are going down. They called the other day to remind me that they OWE me some 3K that was left in the account Siku ile niling’oa LNB na kuirusha across the fence…
I will demand cash!

Juu huna Internet ama unaishi ocha. Otherwise DSTV tuliachia pubs

how them am i accessing ktalk you shhithead

Smoke signals

  • Startimes you watch local channels, (ktn, kbc, k24, KTN News, NO Citizen) and a selected few international for bure. Mpira you have to subscribe.
  • Aljazeera have a news streaming app, bure.
  • Mobdro has all the necessary documentaries, comedies, news, series, hata music channels!!! There are also some live broadcasts, like the NASA channel. Mobdro is free.
  • Kutoka hapo you have our dear old YouTube!

Zote hizo, your lack of reliable internet services will be your only impediment.

Netflix? Showmax? Kwese?
I won’t flee from dstv and startimes kwa sababu ya malipo kisha niende nikalipie hii na nilipe internet pia.

hapa kuna kaukweli niliweka 10mbps na iptv nisipitwe na EPL niliona game ya kwanza peke yake, mobdro videos zinakaa zime kua zoomed in sauti iko nyuma na inajikokota, browser haiplay videos, live tv net ukisha select channel ina leta error ya “unfortunately this app has stopped”

the only option ni kuwatch tu kwa PC

Yep. Even sports channels are moving from pay TV and Pay Per View to streaming subscriptions


Correct…I do PC and connect HDMI to TV. Mimi apan tambua apps.
All well.

All local stations have live YouTube streaming. Invest in a good smart TV and you can even bookmark these links and open them like a FTA channel.

So, does it make sense to pay DSTV for football that airs once a week, and probably I’ll only watch my team play? That’s bonkers.
I’ll go to a pub or use those illegal streams.

DSTV is a dying business. They are too slow to change. US channels all now offer affordable streaming versions, but for DSTV, their streaming option is directly tied to your DSTV account.

They should give us a cheap sport package on DSTV Now, for like $10 a month, and I’ll pay.
Otherwise, even if I left my TV running 24/7/365, I could never complete all the good stuff on Netflix and Amazon. Not to mention YouTube.

mobdro you will be bombarded with those adverts mbaka utachoka alafu its slow to load sometimes, kisha the pictures are very blurred … then on top of all you’re not sure if you will watch the next channel…

tell me which PC website you will simply click into everytime kuna mpira na uwatch bila stress? this has been my to go site for everything football since 2014, but make sure your adblocker is on

DSTV need to up their game like someone has suggested they should have a sports only package and they can charge hata kama ni 2k wanaweza pata watu sana am sure.
IPTV even with a steady internet connection can be a pain sometimes that’s for sure!

Subscribe to Helix hosting. £6 a month for more than 100 channels (UK, US and adult) including soccer in FHD. If you want an unrestricted version of Netflix use Flixify, same price as Netflix but access to all contents. There’s no time wasting searching for quality sources like those pesky kodi addons or terrarium (which needs RD for better experience).
Halifax with Flixify is everything you need.
You will be spending about ksh 1800 a month for superb entertainment.

wewe unaishi kwa msitu gani

What is you input Sir?