Advice on the Nissan Sylphy

Wenye ujuzi leteni maoni kuhusu hii Sylphy as a first vehicle, 2016 model is really seducing me to gerrit kabla Dec ifike

Apart from ground clearance its a nice car, for its class the space is good, performance is not bad, handling is good - talking from 2010 version experience. SIjui if they changed much when it comes to the 2016 model in question.

Shukran for the Intel

I had a 2007 model and it served me well despite making it clock 255,000kms.

Not sure if the Airbag and Gear Box issues have been sorted with the newer models.

Mimi iko na 2015 model, 1.8 liter. First car as well. 6 months old.

Fuel itakupa 15-16km/l kwa highway, long distance.
Mixed use ni 13.5-14.5km/l.

Spacious interior. I mean very spacious. Both front and back seats zinabeba poa sana 6’3 people. This is in comparison to subaru g4 and axela.

Acceleration is pretty good. Picks really well between 0 & 60km/h. Feels planted on the ground even at high speed, with minimal road noise.

can comfortably handle 700km straight run without a break.

You might need to install a cvt aftermarket cooler @20k. Though mimi bado sijaweka. I’ve met those with 2013 model na hawajawahi eka.

Ground clearance pia ni shida kidogo. But hio sitachange.

be careful of the cvt fluid. Hapo ndo watu hujifuck up. Confirm kama inatumia ns2 au ns3. Hii ndo huumiza sana wase wa sylphy na note.

Ni gari itakupa “presence” especially for a first car. Given its price, it’s value for money. Get one with wooden panels, leather seats and alloys. Shit is fine af.

[SIZE=1][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]p.s. Kama we ni kijana, it is the perfect car ya kufanyia umalaya kanairo. [/SIZE]

Just go ahead and buy it, learn from your own experience. Nobody in here can convince you otherwise.

Ile difference of opinion huwa hii kijiji is quite healthy for a sane mind ukishaweed out ghaseers

Sande sana omwami, mind ishakuwa settled, investigeshen into hiyo story ya cvt and the gearbox&airbags issue listed by an elder hapo juu ndio nafanya sasa. For the last part nitasema tu

Make sure hio CVT gearbox is serviced properly with the right CVT fluid .

Airbag or dashboard? For the CVT tranny the issue was overheating if you have an heavy foot especially during long drives. An aftermarket CVT fluid cooler would cure that. MR20DE are super engines, with synthetic lubricants the rig can easily cloak 500,000km.

For practicality, i would go for a van though. A nissan lafesta (Mazda premacy, actually) is a beast. Guess what? It has a Mazda auto and not the lame CVT. Same engine capacity, go for it.

Well said Elder. @CarterPW I would go for a Mazda and do away with critical failures identified in Nissan’s. We however are rooting for you to go for the Nissan and come give us a review after 3 months ownership.

Wewe maneno ya Nissan ulijulia wapi?

When I hear the word Nissan, the word ‘Crappy xtronic CVT’ follows. Msee toroka. Nissan CVT utalilia kwa choo.

Run away as fast as you can. CVT issues.

It depends with what you want in a car. Kama wewe unapenda perfomance, wachana nayo juu engine ni 1.8 litre. Haitakua inafeel effortless at high speed. Then the CVT, the car is not fun to drive at all. Otherwise kama fuel economy ni priority like many kenyans, then go for it especially considering it has very good space inside na ni very comfy. That being said, I would highly recommend Toyota Mark X because it ticks many boxes.

It actually has an engine with 1800cc displacement. Factor that and edit your comment.