advice on shock absorbers

I have seen a thread where people advised OP that he got wrong shock absorbers.the car will feel stiff as a result.i am trying to buy front shock absorbers for Toyota allion A15.kindly, which are the appropriate shock absorbers and their prices?is it advisable to get second hand shock absorbers? I have seen ozone and kyb brand floating around, are they good?What about shock absorbers on Kenyan auto Facebook groups?are they reliable and genuine?dome are selling at 2k and others 4k.why the differences?do i need to change coils too?lastly, please give me tips on where to get this done at reasonable prices. Thanks in advance

Na iyo maswali yote afadhali uuze hio gari

Buda, you’ll trust a shock absorber for 2K?
Monoshock ya nduthi yangu ni 23.
Don’t skimp bana.

Hebu uliza dere wa serekari @tall mnyama everywhere yeye ndo hupereka Allion

Tafuta Monroe shocks

Buda pelekanga gari yako service. Unauliza almost 100 questions on a specific section.

Kama ni shocks tafuta Monroe na ununue shocks mpya…second hand achana nazo…you dont wanna compromise with your safety

Usinunue second hand. Bought a pair towards the end of last year and within 2 month moja had leaked. Was forced to buy a new pair, kyb in Jan this year.
Second hand ni bahati na sibu

How is kyb?

Nipe pointers a novice in this area.what is a good price to start at?

Inanihudumia vizuri

Enda nunua complete second hand strut(shock and spring assembly) kwa mhindi pale shamas inda. gari tatembea stable and comfy. hizo solutions zingine ni guesswork.
ama uende pale toyota wakamue wewe bila huruma.

Hii itakuwa ngapi hivi?

Ulinunua ngapi?naeza pata wapi original?nimepewa quotations ranging from 3k per shock.not sure if they are fake ones.

Front zilikuwa I think 9k, rear 6k each. Shop flani inaitwa summit on butere road

Don’t even try buying second hand shocks complete with the spring assembly in. A nigga adviced me to do that ati hizo they are original from Germany, niliona moto. Bahati I got idle while still in town nikaamua Wacha nitoe hiyo spring niskie shock iko aje.
Nilirundishia mhindi haraka haraka.

Don’t believe everything expensive, is quality either… Kule downtown… Wana weka vitu fake bei ya juu… Wewe unajua baaaaaas…

Hapo hapo shamas is where I got the second hand shock that failed,

haha its your duty to check condition!

Chukua monroe

Come back to us when you get helped,I am in the same quagmire