Advice on Fencing: A slightly complicated situation

The problem is that I want to fence a plot of land situated on a hill descent to prevent intruders. It experiences a lot of erosion, so I’m worried a typical fence of poles and wire will collapse in some places.

A living fence would take some time to grow but what to do in the meantime? Any ideas on how to approach this?

A living fence sio lazima u start from scratch…you can transplant some fast growing trees…zikiwa kama 3-5 feet high… shida sijui kama unaweza pata good source pale uko…na soil na climate…then fence around the tree boundary…

Jaribu kukorogea the poles. Erosion will not be that fast kama runoff water sio mingi.

Na uchimbe ka mtaro side yenye maji inakujia to divert it from your fence. Ama chimba the mtaro within the plot an direct it outside, but exit should be between two poles to keep the fencing poles safe from runoff water.

First make contour s on your land to reduce soil erosion,then koroga your cedar pole and buy a first growing fencing plant,weka chain link wachana na ordinary sengenge

Dig a trench along the border on the upper side, heap the soul on the lower side then put/grow the fence and trees past the heap of soil. The trench will act as a break for the water.

Jaribu kitu inaitwa retaining walls for fences.

Cut off drain to divert wora.
Gabions in water ways if deeper to prevent further damages.
Korogea fencing poles

Thanks, I hadn’t considered transplanting

Thanks guys, I appreciate. I now have some ideas I can try

chain link, razor wire and plants…

Do some fanya juu terraces ,like three of them and plant the fence on the first one,on the mounds,plant grass or sweet potatoe veins and on the trenches,do some other tress and grass.

On the lower side of the fence,do some other trenches and you’ll have good fodder plus trees. Take advantage of the run off water.