Advice on divorce

So an older friend of mine wants out of his marriage the wife has been problem for years the guy has well paying corporate job na salo iko sawa wife wake hu cheat sana she is also too extravagant she would drain the guy financially then threaten to live at the slightest sign of the guy becoming broke Sasa Jamaa ameamua he’s done problem is the prospect he has as a replacement is single of two daughters probably huyo single na suspect ako na mimba yake sahi I see the guy ataona moshi since single mothers is no go zone as per elders advice with good reason advice would be appreciated


Thermal images ya bibi?


Yeye ni mjinga sana:

  1. Ameshikana na singoooo matha na kuna 22 years olds tumeiva
  2. Kama ameboeka na bibi hataki kutoka aende atafute nyumba aambie bibi ferk off na atunze watoi wake
  3. Amumunye 22 year olds asahau bibi
  4. Angojee bibi ampeleke divorce court. Wife should initiate divorce ndio asitokee na asitume lawyer kapsaa juu once divorce has been granted bibi itabidi amelipa lawyer wake juu he was a no show and divorce has been granted.
  5. After divorce she can now initiate custody case which sasa itabidi atokee ama waskilizane na bibi co parenting.

Bibi yake is a broke house wife I doubt she can fund a litigation from where she sits kuachana na huyu mjamaa would be a massive downgrade to her life alafu the guy has said Ata support only if there with him Jamaa amefika mwisho

Angoje kuona vile bibi atakua hoodrat juu ya watoi but since hana job likelihood ya kupewa watoi na court ni high sana but ajue itabidi atafute keja poa juu lazima wakuje inspekshen plae watoi wataishi

Hes stupid wacha afundishwe na jiji. Unaondokea shida na kuingia ingine?

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…hehe, how is he even your friend? Ile advise iko huku haikuruhusu kuwa na such friends.

Ama ni wewe kaka, iza bro. Ondokea hio ndoa, si ndoa ni kidonda.

Na kama si wewe unapitia hayo masaibu, tell him awache ujinga na umshike bareh ya kisogo.


That friend is you umbwa ii



It all ends in kitale yefwe. Home to the giants…


Divorce is a option. Instead of turning violent or committing suicide. Let him just walk


Before we answer you @Delsa we need clarity kama huyo old friend ni wewe Chini ya maji


For a broke housewife to risk losing her only source of income means the respect in that relationship is completely gone. Hapa your “friend” needs to end this thing ASAP, lakini he is probably feeling confused that he was successful and did everything right, lakini bado madam anamdharau. It can be a hard pill to swallow


Extravagant women are fundamentally stupid. Just the trait of not being able to maintain cash for a few hours is just the way she can never maintain her character to do the right thing.
Mimi nilikuwa na girlfriend mjinga sana. Bitch haskii, You keep telling her not to, She goes ahead, fucks up then comes asking for help.
Nilichorea huo ushenzi men. Makosa ya wazazi wake Siwezi jiletea.

break up with that woman.


Sio mimi boy wa putin I would leave a woman so first especially where my coins are involved


The wife won’t go away in peace but the guy is adamant he wants out

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underestimate “housewives” at your own. Unaeza pata, everything the huzband owns, is titled under the womans name.

Kuna my uncle alitushtua. When things went south, we discovered that some land he bought, wasnt his but the wifes.

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  1. Ujinga mkubwa to leave your own kids without fatherly love and starve them of your presence only to give it to someone else’s spawn. Ujinga that needs to be whipped out of you
  2. African men didn’t do it that way in the past. They used to get a young supple 19 yr old and formally introduce her as the second wife.the first wife shock itamrudisha default settings
  3. Divorce is very selfish and a cowards way out. At the end it’s the kids who suffer psychologically, emotionally and materially . Even if you co parent,I’ve personally seen what it does to children.i wouldn’t wish it on anybody’s kids
  4. Stop playing captain save a whore when yako nyumbani imekushinda .there must be something wrong you are doing to warrant that behavior from your wife
  5. Are you ready for the extra baggage?because marriage can be draining financially especially with two extra brats that are not yours.abd believe me even though right now you don’t see it ,utasomesha hao watoto na siku ya graduation watakuambia you are not my daddy at the slightest provocation.chunga sana kuruka mkojo uland juu ya mavi

Maybe she wasn’t broke just saving for her exit. You underestimate women alot. Why do you imagine that a person who can take care of delicate offspring is a dunderhead. There was a day I spent around a crying kid and I was like it must take a magician to manage this kind of ruckus and not lose it. When women set their mind to something and especially when they have dependents they’re dangerous. This one has plan a, b and c. Have you seen how quickly Amira changed from being a fat housewife to a brand ambassador galvanting around the country? Women are masters of reinvention. My friend’s mom was a caterer. The father was) always cheating and not even hiding it. After she retired she got a PhD in psychology and built her own 5 bedroom house. All after age 55. When women mean business their drive is unbelievable. Indians understand women’s super power. But chimpanzees as usual hakuna kitu wanaelewa except kuchochana over meaningless things. Either way watoto wake wata benefit from the wife’s progress. I don’t understand in this day and age who keeps a woman under 50 at home as a housewife with this economy what if you die?


The dust si waiting for him