Advice needed

what do you do when you get a text like this from your cousin mind you (mko almost same age) she is older than me by 2 years.[ATTACH=full]63227[/ATTACH]

eeeeh, funga leso alafu…

alafu u charge simu!

Wajua mi hushangaa sana because of what people seek advice for. I mean, there is more in life than threshold. Ambia huyo cuzo wako aashe ujinga na atulie. Ama ameoleka?

and change the font.

Nisaidie number yake inbox.

she is married with one kid

First, abadilishie mzee diet. More of ugali, omena, njugu karanga and bananas will help. Also, mzee kama ako busy sana na works apunguze. Kama mzee anatumia drugs zozote from fombe to miraa pia awache.

font ni wewe

Ka ashaoleka ni different case. Probably they can visit dagitari, both of them…ama pastor JJ?

I think you are in your early twenties that makes your married cuzo around 25 years.
Tell her to talk to a mature person (definitely not you), since your reasoning capacity is low to comprehend how to solve marital issues.
Sawa kijana?

can i confide with you?

True …lakini kuna wanaume wengi who are not satisfying their wives, maybe due to stress related issues but kuna shida mahali

nyi ni kabila gani?

At first I thought it was just a relationship tu. Ka ni marriage it’s a different case.

:D:D:D:D:D:D haki ya Ngai… spax umekula nini leo ?? :D:D:D:D

Matters monies, Absolutely but marital issues try Pastor Kitoto.

She is one of those logs who lie there and expect you to sweat over her.

Nipe number yake naweza msaidia

napenda hio wallpaper

The lady should approach the matter tactfully by talking to her husband respectfully.It is very dehumanizing for a man to be exposed as a non performer.
I know of a pal who underperformed due to stress and also cold. When we went to a foreign country iko siku he entertained 3 different women on the same day. I think it also has to do with attitude and mental perception of sex partner. We have more sex with new partners than the old ones.