Advice needed

Hawayu Kenyans?
Straight to the point…
Ok, me and my friend are diploma graduates from a certain school. Sasa dem wa huyu friend wangu, ambaye ni mwanafunzi katika shule hio, aliachana na friend wangu. At the first break up, huyo dem alinishow niongee na beshte wangu ili warudiane. Niliongea nao nikawapatanisha. So, 2nd break-up ikafanyika na dem akanishow ati yeye amechoka na huyo beshte wangu. So, juzi huyo dem ameanza kunishow vile anataka nimtreat kama siz wake. Just to show her sisterhood. Leo ameni-invite nimtembelee kwake, ako na stress so she needs company.
Is it a trap? Ama niende tu kwake?
Please advise

mpige coomer vaa kondom leta hekaya

Issues za watu wawili wanajifunika na duve moja achana nayo kabisaa. Secondly, mbona ufuatane na Ex ya beshte yako? Man up. Let her girlfriends be her shoulder to lean on, not you. The lady will mess with your bro-hood.

You are the ultimate definition of a beta male. Hii yako ata sio friend zone ni bro zone, hiyo kuma hutawai ona ata panty hutawai ona labda tu panty line yake

Beta male you are cancer to society!! How do you let your friend’s ex friendzone you? Why the fuck are you even still talking to her? She wants to use you to spy on your friend, her ex, under the guise of friendship. You’ll never get a whiff of that pussy, and even if you do, it’ll be to get back at her ex and she’ll be thinking about him the whole time as you pump. Damn, it’s like beta males exist without brains like a jellyfish. How can you not see through her shit when it’s so clear. smh

enda gonga vitu ulete hekaya

Kula mali halafu uingie mitini ki-MGTOW style buanaa

It’s either she’s had a crush on you all along or she just wants to have rebound sex or simply it’s s her way of kumfeelisha huyo beste yako. But all said and done, beba CD if you don’t like dry fry, because contrary to what some are saying here, it will be dished to you. So kama una heshimu Bro code, usiende otherwise it’s a cold sunday and you can use some warmth

Hehehe you’re about to learn a lesson either today or in due course. Weka kalamu na notebook karibu.

Is it a trap? Hebu kwanza elaborate what you meant by that statement.

you are an emotional tampon…chieth maduong.!!

I love this site! Zile majibu watu hupatiana


i second this

Peleka EPR,effective pant remover, Kama KC quarter ama gilbeys ndo Mambo iwe rahisi

Just ask her to meet up in a public place, but if your dick is bigger than your pal’s just meet her at home na umbebe CDs

First, you have a very poor social life because if you had a good one you would have seen past this toxic entanglement and stayed away from it. secondly, think beyond your sex appeal.10 years ago, I was in your friends situation, so a friend of mine took advantage of my Rocky relationship with girlfriend and screwed her, this eventually led to our break up.

The guilt that consumed my ‘friend’ immediately after is still consuming him today (10 years later), not that Niko na beef na yeye or something, I long forgot hio story. Lakini everytime nikipata na huyo ninja huwanga anafeel uneasy Sana, so we barely talk past salamu tu.

Kutombewo ni kawaida baba, samehea yeye

Mkubwa, nilisamehea yeye na nikasahau hiyo maneno, ni yeye ndiye hajawahi sahau because of guilt.
I am basically advising the poster asifanye kitu atalive ku regret. It isn’t worth it. There are many kungurus out there

The games that girls play with us can sometimes be harsh. Huyo msichana antaka kukuplay mbaya sana. I am sure that she has brothers and sisters who can give her that sister treatment. Before we jump to conclusions, she may be in need of a man in her life but not a boyfriend. Maybe you are her only actual friend who is a boy and when she said treat her as a sister she probably meant it. Maybe se thought that if she did not tell you that then you would have found it suspicious for her to tell you to go to her place. Just go but you have to be prepared for anything. Be a man dude, do not fall prey to women.

From the look of things I can tell that you are single. This is what girls do when they find weak boys. Maybe you do not have a girlfriend because you are not strong. She has realised this and knows that if she comes at you then you will fall for her trap. There is nothing as bad as daring your friends ex, everything always ends up bad. You have said that this is not the first time that they have broken up so there is a chance that they might get back again and you will be on the way. Why in the world would she want ou to treat her like a sister. She wants you not to have fear going to her place so that she can sleep with you. What that girl needs is a man and you are the target. Do not be friends with her anymore.