Advice Needed

I have been saving and now I have about 500,000kshs I want to get in business my goal for 2019 is to eventually quit employment and employ myself.
For some of you who are experienced kindly advice which business I should go after that I can be succesful

whatever you do, 2 words: market and location. If you don’t have #1, don’t even look for #2.

Hiyo pesa weka kwa government securities. Kuna T-Bills which mature in 90 days. Ama ununue long-term bonds. Usiwacha hustle kama hujui what to do next.

Business isn’t for everyone.
There are those who start with very little and grow it to multi million business ventures and there are others who start with a lot and end up with nothing.
The best way is to get someone in a successful business who will be willing to guide you around though very few are willing to do that.

Good advice

Plumbing/ electrical supplies iko na pesa kwa counties…do your homework .

ulisomea nini campo/coleh?

Any specifics about it coz definitely I’ll need to start from somewhere

Mambo ya IT right now majorly I do networking for an ISP

siuangalie biashara related na IT,that way you will be venturing into something you have knowledge of professionally

It’s something am considering its just that whatever I want to do in that line requires Abit more in terms of finance

ingia bar business…hutawai kosa kunguru, pombe n pesa…

Nunua gari. Ingia Uber. Drive the vehicle personally.

If your neighbourhood has a goof population of young men, try the FIFA/Play station business. with 200k, you could set up 3 play stations and screens, and employ someone to run it for you. that one, you cant miss about 30k monthly net.

Na je zikikujiwa na maboys.

it depends with mtaa

My fren just go as speedily as you can to stima sacco. Weka pesa ndani and enjoy dividends of 13% p.a on average. Forget Tbills and bonds…for now.

That’s very low output for such money… Hii inahitaji millions to feel something…Thats translates roughly 5k profit per month.halafu he wants to quit employment for full time bizna

Depends on your location and type of business you have in mind/love to do

Compounded over 10 years? A cool 1.8 million. Getting into a biz with only 500k is quite risky…
Another option for him is land speculation kwanza hizo sides za Nyandarua county…!!! (hekaya for another day).