Advice needed

Vipi Wadau,

Wife alienda masafa huko matuu na Nissan note yake, kurudi gari ilichemka na anakana hakuona anything indicating high temp kwa dash-board. Ukipiga start gari haigurumi, kila taa kwa dashboard ina waka. One of the mek says ni gasket imechapa and it needs to be replaced. A friend of mine tells me ni poa ku replace the entire engine cause gasket ya hizo nissan note ni za alluminium na hazina ujanja.

Anyone who has a better solution ama which path to take?


Get a second, third and forth opinion… Normally engine replacement is the best if you intend to use the car… If you wana sell it… Weka gasket…

Meanwhile if its engine go to bypass ile ya ruiru… And shop for an engine yourself… Kuna yards mingi sana along hio route.

izza jo
hio gari ilimwaga coolant na hakujua

She did not even feel the power dip? anyway get a second or third opinion

Divorce that wife… Ulipomwambia gari ‘ilishemka’,did she ask how na hakuwasha gas?.. Allow me to say ama wacha tu. Utashika mafeelings and we know who the owner of mafeelings hapa ni nani.

After umechange engine, replace your wife too.

I have never heard of aluminium head gaskets.

The cylinder head is the one that is aluminium.Depending on the extent of the damage you can have someone measure the warpage and advise if you can replace the head gasket.

Buying another engine is just a temporary solution since she will once again repeat what she did.

My advice is,weka gasket kwanza and buy an aftermarket temp gauge with a calibrated buzzer that goes on at the temperature you have set.

Ajizoeshe na hiyo kwanza then if you intend to keep the car you can now replace the engine since you will have had enough time to look for a good engine at a fair price.

*This is what I did to my situation.

There is a mechanic who told me that the you need to remove the thermostat of a car operating in the tropics since its meant for temperate climates. He claimed the thermostat leads to overheating of cars esp in hot dry climates since the thermostat holds coolant from the engine for a slight duration to enable it to warm and avoid freezing during winter conditions. This has a negative impact in this part of the world and thus should be done away with so as to have a continuous flow of coolant. I don’t know how true this is but if true may be it was cause of the overheating.

Pole kaka. Kupatia wife gari safari ndefu Kama sio serviced ni blunder.confirm kama shida ni gasket ama radiator kabla upige hesabu ya engine mpya.

Such mechanics should be shot, kwa magoti na elbows, ili wawache kuharibu gari za watu. Thermostat ni lazima kwa gari.

Not to be confused with temperature gauge. Yangu nilingoa kabla itoke 001

Problem not wife. That could happen to anyone. Peleka gari yako diagnosis polepole ujue overheating ililetwa na nini. Alafu nunua gasket polepole weka kwa gari. Kubadilisha engine kwa sababu ya gasket ni kama kujikata kichwa ati kwa sababu kinyozi amekunyoa vibaya.

advice her on tips of safe driving otherwise utanunua engine every trip she takes to matuu.

Removing thermostat can’t cause overheating, what it does is make engine work at a lower temperature when you are driving at high speeds. This reduces engine life and the reason you should have a working thermostat all the time. Hawa mechanic are used to dealing with old cars where the logic is, better without a thermostat than having one that is not working properly. Again without a thermostat it is difficult to measure coolant level, you have to warm the engine first before you add some. Reason being when an engine without a thermostat cools, all the fluid tend to move back to the engine freely, when it warms up it moves back to radiator. If you add coolant when the engine is cool you tend to overfill and can overflow or bust pipes when engine warms up.

Do you have a fridge in your house , if yes is the compressor always on ?

That mechanic is an idiot! Dont take any advice from him or allow him to work on your car. He is a disaster waiting to happen.

Thank you man! The dude suggested that to me last weekend but I was hesitant since as they say if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Acga kuwekelea wife…

Huyo ni makanika, sio mechanic.

Just change the gasket for now, achana na engine. Thats a simple problem