Advice me guys

I have a cousin who’s been having some marital problems. Now am not on good terms with this guy since last week he almost messed me up a serious deal. Either way I let that slide. So today the guy is texting me asking if he could crash at my place asking if I could accomodate him for quite a while. That’s another problem. I am a man who loves his space, my girlfriend just left recently after staying over for like 3 months so I feel like am kinda free and not ready to give up my freedom. So I advice the guy to deal with his problems and stop running around coz he got a 4 and 3/4 year old sons. It’s time to daddy up and put the marriage where it oughts to be. The guy blocks me instead. So am wondering did I err in any way?? Was I too insensitive? Or its time for the guy to mature up??

1st n foremost kuna “advise” and “advice”. Please advise ni Gani unahitaji? :smiley:

Hehe, you did the right thing, but you got all answers correct, just be firm on what u decide

Elder stop with your shenanigans.

Usikubali ghasia ako na nyumba akuje kulala kwako. He should man up and face his problems. Ukikubali one time atakuwa anakuja kwako every time wamekosana na bibi.

Vile elders wamesema hapo juu. As a man he needs to grow closer to his children, aliona anakasirikuana na wife, it’s time to bond with the children. If you allow him to live in your place, the wife/family will think wewe ndio unampoteza and will not like you. Tell him atafute man cave ya room moja somewhere else, akichoka na home, awe anaenda kupumzika huko.

Inakaa Kuna siku mulikulana mkia

Very soon you will be told that you are the cousin. Anyway on my part, I support your decision to deny him residence. Let him man up and deal with his problems head on like a man

He has to face his marital problems, no one can help him, these are his own to untangle. he and her should be thinking of them poor small kids rather than makelele mengi, hata waende kwa elders wa kijiji or counselling. hao watoi dhambi zao ni nini, tena at that age. sorry for them kids but no sorry kwa parents. they should settle down kwa maslahi ya watoto, wao wasonge mbele mbele.

Elders wamemaliza kesi. Now the guy is trying some stupid intimidation tactics telling me that if he’ll die from depression the fault will be mine. Nimemwambia whatever happens let it happen. What you guys should know is that the guy is 36 years old and I am 31. Quite a shame.

Lete namba ya huyo kuzo yako tushikilie boma.

Why crush? Why not just get a single room somewhere? Who pays the rent at his/her place? There are many questions in my head that need answers before I can give advice

He said he wanna crash for a couple of days before he gets single room somewhere. But I know for a fact a couple of days will turn into months. He pays rent at his place, which is stupid because why leave your own house that you pay for because the wife is bothersome??? That’s being such a pussy

Don’t listen to some of these elders. If he wants a place to cool off his heels,Allow him, I’m sure it’s only a few days. if he drinks liqour buy him a mzinga and add a blunt,get him a whore friend to release his testosterone If you have a car take him for aimless ride while he vents, find a nice place to park and buy him 1kg of nyama choma and 2 beers. He will come back to his senses after a day. Yeye ndio ata Sema , eish na nime miss mama na wa junior.
You can’t be a selfish mathasaka who can’t come through for a cousin.

Its just a phase that every married man goes thorough. Yours is coming.

Dont listen to me though.
Nyumba ni wewe unalipa rent,unahamishwa aje kama squatter?. Man up, two hot slaps and a sweep is the remedy in these here streets.Usikubali kuchezewa,[SIZE=1]ama uko na ka MWK na hutaki ajue? You dawg you!!:D:D[/SIZE]

Friend I appreciate your advice but I already thought that through and considered the repercussions. I kmow this cousin quite well. His visits will turn into days and eventually months. As usual, familiarity will breed contempt and soon we’ll be arguing over petty things, deteriorating our relationship even further. And this isn’t the first time he’s crashed at my place, it’s the fourth time. Now seeing as he’s making it a habit that will bring issues brtween me and his kin, I’d rather put a stop to this once and for all. No time for games we are growing older. And just so we are clear, incase I’ll have marital problems in future, which I know is inevitable, the solution will always bw to tackle the issue head kn and never run away from it. If there’ll be some running to be done, it won’t be done by me. Plus I don’t tolerate disrespect from women.

Tuko hapa hapa. Tuna ku ngoja

shukuru mungu amekublock badala ya kukuforce umblock.

Si upost hii upuzi kwa family group upewe advice. Attention-seeking beta male

Mwanaume mwenzako akikublock inakupa stress?