Advice from village elders

I am not a N. V so save the chairs. I just happen to be young and naive and that’s y am seeking some business advice. My employer decided to buy a consignment from EPZ. Yes, ,two containers of clothes for export. Some very fresh clothes and has entrusted me to sell them for him. Who knows where I could find a bulk buyer cos all am getting is guys buying in small quantities. My sales are averaging Kshs 60,000 a day but my boss says that is not enough. He is kinda weird cos he authorised me to sell in kg form. The selling price is 450 a kilo. This is a fair deal considering it’s new clothes. Any clothes baron/mbirrionaire with tips for me? Your help will be much appreciated

Free advice… Come to marikiti msa pale kwa nguo. Offer a few somalis the deal. You may make a kill. Also, put this info kwa fb page inaitwa Mombasa marketplace.
Keep trying, good luck bro