Advert Ya Simba Cement

Kuna hii advert ya simba cement nimeona kwa tv leo, its not new lakini leo pale kwa right hand lower corner ya tv nimeona the words “For Client Preview Only” in almost transparent font.
Inakaa creator aligongwa, hii kenya jo!
@Deorro uki tengenezea mtu animation usiweke such a faint watermark, iweke katikati ya screen in big red font

Hehehe… Shait.

Not necessarily. They may have just mistakenly submitted the “draft” copy instead of the final cut to the media.

Omwami, wewe kwisha haribu conspiracy theory mzuri

That would just require a minor update and it has been running like that for far too long…or does it mean no one gives a damn about image anymore EXCEPT Safaricom of course…
Someone was not paid in full

Hii Kenya joh watu walipenda kugongana